Advisory Services

Actionable insight for total talent transformations

Understanding and planning for workforce challenges on both a global and local scale is essential to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

Our specialized Advisory Services team of professionals brings expertise and best practices in talent acquisition, business process design and workforce optimization to your organization. We offer a range of diagnostic and consulting services to ensure you are effectively managing your labor needs, and achieving the highest returns on your talent investment. We can help you address questions such as:

  • Which organizations in our company use contingent versus permanent labor, and how?
  • How, and from where, is our company’s talent being sourced?
  • Are we leveraging the optimal mix of talent pools available to us for recruiting?
  • What skills and experience are being fulfilled with contingent labor versus permanent staff?
  • How is spending on labor being tracked and measured?
  • Are the salaries we pay competitive with local markets?
  • What opportunities exist to drive process and cost efficiencies in our talent recruiting process?

In each of these areas, we make recommendations that draw from industry best practices, allowing you to assess how you fare against benchmarks unique to your organization's business, culture, and market. Our consultants help you clarify your company's workforce goals and ensure every possible avenue is explored to meet them, through any or all of the following practices areas:

Workforce Strategy and Optimization

For procurement and human resources organizations, workforce optimization has become a critical topic in the context of talent management. Our industry-experienced consultants recognize your organization's need to adapt your workforce management strategy to address growth and change. Ultimately, we want to assist you in streamlining the workforce management process while mitigating potential risks. We can apply workforce optimization to the following areas:

  • Current State Program Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Future State Program Design
  • Supplier Rationalization
  • Supplier Scorecard and Management Methodology Development
  • Program Office Assessment
  • Job Cataloging and Leveling

Labor Market Analytics

The competition for the best and brightest talent is intense no matter your industry. Our labor market analytics services give you an immediate competitive advantage by providing comprehensive insights on the individual markets you serve. We use this market intelligence to analyze your markets and deliver a realistic vision of the talent landscape available to support your workforce needs. This information can be used to build compensation models that inform and elevate your talent acquisition strategy. Examples of market analytics engagements which our Advisory Services team can assist with include:

  • Market rate analysis (contingent or permanent)
  • Rate card analysis and development
  • Labor market profiling and economic analysis

Business Intelligence and Workforce Insight

In many cases, the answers to questions that are being asked about workforce management already exist within current systems and data used to support today’s approach. The key to addressing these questions, however, is the interpretation of that data to reveal operational trends and draw conclusions about the root cause of potential cost or process inefficiencies. Examples of business intelligence initiatives we can assist with include:

  • Current state program analysis
  • Supplier optimization
  • Program office assessment

Human Capital Technology

Our technology experts have a broad range of experience implementing and integrating technologies to support both permanent and contingent labor operations. We can evaluate industry-leading vendor management platforms, in order to make recommendations regarding how each best supports your unique business requirements in the following areas:

  • VMS technology assessment
  • Enterprise architecture and strategy assessment
  • Workforce management technology roadmap development

Talent Attraction and Sourcing

Our goal is to always help you attract, engage and hire talent that enables you to achieve your business goals, and maximize productivity wherever possible. To do this, we work closely with you to make sure you are gaining access and visibility to the best talent available. As one of the largest global users of talent attraction and management technologies, Allegis Global Solutions also has vast experience in implementing, integrating and managing platforms designed to support talent attraction. We are consultants to the world’s leading companies on their attraction and process execution for both permanent and contingent workforces. Let us share our expertise with you in the following areas:

  • CRM and social media consulting
  • ATS, CRM and social technology implementation
  • Internal mobility consulting
  • Employee referral program development

Employer Branding

Showcase your employee value proposition to targeted talent through relevant content and social attraction strategies that create a user-centric candidate experience. We can provide insight and guidance on how to ensure cultural and target market alignment, how to evaluate and create your employee or contractor value proposition, how to optimize your career site, how to build a brand reputation management strategy and much more. Examples of employer branding engagements we can help with include:

  • Competitor Brand Analysis
  • Brand Audit
  • Employer Branding Strategy
  • Employee Value Proposition Development
  • Supplier Toolkit and Microsite Development

Workforce Planning

Planning is a fundamental component of any workforce management strategy. Organizations need the ability to examine their current employee base, analyze past, current and future trends and predict future resource hiring needs. We can help your planning across the following areas:

  • Workforce Planning Technology Implementation
  • Strategic Workforce Planning Process Design
  • Market Intelligence Consulting

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