Solutions for Managing Your Contingent Workforce

Restoring order to your contingent workforce universe

Your contingent workforce is a dynamic ecosystem, subject to change at any moment.

Within that system are contingent workers, a population that’s becoming more and more attractive to organizations that are looking for a broad range of specialized skill sets on an as-needed basis or long-term project. Contingent labor gives them greater flexibility, extends their capabilities and optimizes their contingent workforce spend.

That said, any contingent workforce presents its own unique challenges, specifically because it is often managed by different department heads and hiring managers using different vendors and approaches with different processes, services and price points. The result is a fragmented model riddled with inconsistencies, inefficiencies and serious compliance risks. Supplier relationships suffer and great talent can easily slip through the cracks.

This is why companies large and small, global and local, turn to a managed services provider (MSP) to streamline and optimize their contingent workforce management. Greater levels of complexity call for greater expertise in today’s MSP solutions. Allegis Global Solutions has set a new benchmark in workforce management by pioneering a scalable and customizable MSP solution. By remaining vendor- and technology-neutral, we can ensure our recommendations meet your exact needs while supporting operational consistency. Our MSP solution includes:

  • Program analysis and design
  • Process review and reengineering
  • Supply-base management and optimization
  • Implementation and change management
  • VMS consultation, recommendation and partner management
  • Market rate analysis
  • Active cost management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Performance management through best practices
  • Strategic program oversight

We share best practices from other highly successful programs we design and manage to provide greater visibility business intelligence. Our quality-driven solution goes beyond typical MSP offered by other providers to create a portfolio of integrated services based on your exact needs—for example, combining payroll, independent contractor (IC) compliance and statement of work (SOW).

As your MSP partner, we spend time getting to know you and your culture so we can embark on a comprehensive evaluation of your existing operations and gain a deeper understanding of what makes sense for your organization. Then, in collaboration with you, we design and implement a holistic, performance-based solution that simplifies the entire spectrum of systems and processes for your hiring managers, suppliers and contractors. Our aim is to bring you the best people, best practices and best technology available to manage requisition, procurement, management and payment. By bringing order back to your contingent workforce and the complete supply chain, we can transform your bottom line—and your business. 

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MSP Benefits at a Glance

  • Improved workforce quality and fulfilment
  • Cost savings through active cost management
  • Greater business intelligence
  • Improved process and automation
  • Increased visibility and business intelligence
  • Optimized supply base
  • Mitigated risk
  • Comprehensive solutions spend management
  • Global supply chain management, governance and visibility