What was 2013's top talent acquisition and management trends?

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As we entered the final weeks of 2012 and assumed that the Mayans were not correct in their doomsday prediction, we took a look at how talent acquisition and recruiting was changing in an increasingly interactive world.

First, and most importantly, the proliferation of mobile technology has been a complete game-changer for recruiting. Using mobile devices to access the internet has become commonplace, ERE Media notes, with the International Telecommunications Union reporting there are 1.2 billion mobile web users around the world. Further, approximately 25 percent of people using the internet do so exclusively through their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, employers have been notoriously slow to catch up with job seekers when it comes to new recruiting channels like mobile technology, but as ERE explains, 2013 looked more and more like the "now or never" year when it came to adapting to mobile recruiting.

The good news was that there were a number of clear steps companies could take to at least get them started. First and foremost, your company's career page should be mobile accessible offering a user-friendly experience. Because if it's not, then you're missing out on a large group individuals who are not only potential candidates, but candidates who are at the cutting edge of job seeking by using mobile technology. In many cases, these people may be your top-level talent, as they are clearly very tech-savvy and are up to date on the most efficient ways to perform tasks.

Employer branding in 2013

One of the overarching benefits of having a mobile-friendly career page and website in general is the strong perception of your company it creates in the minds of your prospective candidates. In other words, it significantly aids your employer brand.

In a recent study conducted by The Digital Workplace Group, researchers found that one of the big things for companies to keep in mind when it comes to their brand moving into 2013 was the creation of a digital workplace. Paul Miller, the CEO and founder of the Group, said that as we approach the new year, one of the major workplace trends that companies should be conscious of is the fact that younger recruits will increasingly demand the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Be conscious of how mobile recruiting will enhance your talent acquisition strategy, in addition to your employer brand, not only increasing your candidate pool, but putting you out in front of the most talented professionals in the employment market. 

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