4 key questions to think about to become a best-in-class MSP supplier

How can an MSP supplier stand out from the crowd? (iStock/ FrancescoRizzato) As a pioneer in the contingent workforce management space, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) knows that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution cannot deliver the required results without strong suppliers. But what makes the leading suppliers stand out from the rest? Here are four questions every supplier should be answering if they want to be best-in-class.

1. Do you know your strengths?

A best-in-class supplier knows their strengths and their weaknesses. If offered an opportunity that you are not suited to, it is always better to be honest and turn it down, rather than take on the work and fail to live up to expectations. Furthermore, if you are unsure on something, don't be afraid to call the program office for clarification - it's better to ask for help at the beginning than to ask for forgiveness at the end.

2. Are you a communicative partner?

Clear communication is key. Ultimately, a best-in-class supplier is a partner. They should build a relationship with the program's staffing specialists, meeting with them to understand the best way to work together and gain an insight into the environment at the client site and the departments the staffing specialist supports. Suppliers should not be afraid to contact their MSP, ask questions and make recommendations for improvements. Only by working in this way does the client organization receive the best possible service. 

3. Are you fully focused on KPIs/SLAs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are critical tools to ensure that an MSP and its suppliers are providing the best talent and strategic solutions at an optimal level. Best-in-class suppliers understand the importance of these metrics and how they are tracked. They should be present at scorecard reviews having done the necessary research to understand the stories behind the data. For example, if there is an issue with attrition, can you explain the reasons behind this trend? Without this insight, it is difficult to have the productive conversations needed to ensure improvement in the future. It is vital for suppliers to arrive at reviews with an open mind to hear suggestions for improvement, as well as openly communicating any questions, concerns or suggestions they may have.

4. Are you structured for success?

AGS does not dictate how our suppliers structure their delivery for our programs, but there are a number of practices that can help to drive success:
  • Executive buy-in and active involvement with the MSP partnership
  • A national point of contact to drive accountability and build relationships with local delivery teams
  • Recruiters dedicated to specific programs, often specializing in one industry

If the answer to each of the questions above is yes, you are well-placed to be a best in-class supplier with the capacity to grow from one MSP program to another. You can find out more about how MSP suppliers can demonstrate their capabilities here.

Posted 7/18/2016 By Erin Hough As Manager, Regional Supply Base, Erin Hough brings 10 years of staffing industry experience to Allegis Global Solutions (AGS). Within this role, Erin leads a team of Supply Base Analysts across North America, and is responsible for implementing best practices...
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