How artificial intelligence is impacting video interviewing

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most cutting-edge technologies of today and now recruiters are able to leverage advances in AI design to strengthen their ability to deliver the best candidates to their clients.

From the use of AI algorithms to filter out unsuitable CVs at the resume stage, through to pioneering behavioral analysis of candidates during an interview, there are a whole host of advances this technology can bring to the recruitment process in the years to come.

AI in the interview process

One issue recruiters constantly face during the interview process is that of unconscious bias. However, AI could hold the key to more impartial decision-making, ensuring the best candidates for a position are not overlooked as a result of our very human need to quickly form an opinion.

AI will not have its judgment clouded by trivial impressions that many people can be subject to. As such, the use of this technology could help to deliver the upper hand to companies in recruiting the best-quality hires to meet their existing and future needs.

New algorithms are being developed all the time and the latest use of AI in video interviewing has been to predict future behavior. This process aims to highlight key personality traits in the interviewee that may not be immediately apparent to the interviewer.

Based on the subconscious movement of candidates, their choice of words, their time taken to respond to questions, etc, the latest AI analysis of video interviews can help the recruiter to build a better understanding of what makes their candidates tick, as well as uncovering any undesirable traits that interviewees may be hoping to hide.

Indeed, a recent podcast published by Recruiting Future took this AI trend even further in episode 74 called, “recruiterless recruiting?” Dr. Nathan Mondragon, the Chief IO Psychologist at Hirevue stated, “We are doing some studies with some retailers on loss prevention, to identify the features in the videos that would identify people who would have a tendency to steal essentially.” Imagine that!

A note of warning on AI

The potential risks of AI have been well-documented in recent years, from high-profile movie franchises where cyborgs take over the world (Terminator, anyone?) to the outspoken comments of influential individuals like SpaceX founder Elon Musk and acclaimed physicist Professor Stephen Hawking.

Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai in February, Musk told attendees, "One of the most troubling questions is artificial intelligence. I don't mean narrow AI - deep artificial intelligence, where you can have AI which is much smarter than the smartest human on earth. This is a dangerous situation."

Developing tools that complement human abilities rather than replacing them is therefore the most sensible and pragmatic approach to embracing new uses for AI. As a result, it is precisely this type of integration of technology into the video interview process that could see recruiters become the pioneers of a new symbiosis between man and machine in the very near future.

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