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Build your network of amazing people

Whether it is working alongside your teammates to collectively tackle a challenge or chatting with a candidate for a Fortune 100 company, we connect with amazing people every day.

As Talent Advisors we believe people have the power to transform organizations and our people prove it every day. Are you ready to prove it? Explore how you can build your network at AGS.

Recruiting Focus

“You have the focus, the thought leadership, you have the innovation, and you have the constant focus on developing solutions.”

Jamie Peil, Account Director, 8 years at AGS


“We have so many teams behind the scenes at AGS, that allow us to have a comprehensive view of the workforce and the industries we support.”

Kara Shanahan, Recruitment Delivery Manager, 4.5 years at AGS



“At AGS, everyone is not just willing to help, they proactively help you to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful. It’s a different type of team dynamic than anywhere else I’ve been.”

Krystal Jeffers Senior Manager, Business Analytics 3 years at AGS


“We are able to go in and advise our clients, not just be order takers. AGS equips us with tools, so we can be consultative.”

Alex Miller, Recruitment Relationship Manager, 6 years at AGS


“In one year, I’ve been able to recruit for two really large Fortune 100 companies.”

Caprice Henry, Recruitment Relationship Manager, 2 years at AGS


“Here at AGS we produce recruitment solutions for Fortune 100 companies, as a recruiter I am a key part of the business.”

Shannon King, Recruitment Delivery Manager, 4 years at AGS

Global Mobility

“Our global reach gives you exposure to teams around the world and opens doors for an international career.”

Eugene French, Client Recruitment Specialist, 3 years at AGS


“Everyone shows up engaged and bringing their absolute best to the table every single day.”

Theresa Hart, Operational Excellence Consultant, 6 years at AGS


“If you are looking to grow into a company, our culture is amazing. It’s not just the job, it’s the people. We can train you on what to do but you can’t train on the good work environment and that’s what we provide.”

Cornelius Howard, Lead Client Recruitment Specialist, 2 years at AGS


“I have had tremendous leaders who have cared about me both professionally, as well as personally, and they have prepped me to become the recruiter, as well as the person I am within the workforce.”

Brittney Theodore, Talent Assessor, 3 years at AGS

Thought Leadership

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