Total Talent that totally works

Integrated services for customised talent solutions

In the business of talent acquisition, business as usual is anything but. Today, over a third of the US workforce can be classified as ‘non-traditional’ (that is, not actually employees of the organisations for whom they’re doing work), a number that’s expected to grow to fully 50% of the private sector by 2020. This isn’t strictly a US trend; we’re seeing similar patterns emerge across Europe and Asia, too.

This change has already made a dramatic and drastic impact on the relationship between companies and their people. As such, talent organisations need to think of themselves not as employers, but as talent platforms, optimised so that workers of all kinds can do their very best work when, where, and how they prefer to do it.

That’s where Allegis Global Solutions comes in.

With our integrated talent solutions, we approach total talent to make the world of work, work better. With AGS, we look for the most efficient and effective way to get work done with the best talent on the market, no matter what their employment status or worker classification might be.

From temporary to permanent, from full-time employees to contingent workers and consultants, AGS combines all of forms of talent into a scalable, flexible, and sustainable strategy designed to help you compete for, and win, the top talent you need tomorrow while meeting the business demands of today.

Allegis Global Solutions’ industry leading expertise spans RPO, MSP, and services procurement, meaning that no matter what talent demands your company demands, AGS has you covered. From advisory services to project consulting and strategy, AGS Integrated Talent Management Solutions will work with you to make your workforce work better.

Let’s work together to get work done better.

Crowdsourcing: The New Trend in 'Getting Work Done'

The world of work is evolving and changing everyday. We are now living in an ‘As-a-Service’ (AaS) economy. Whether it’s the software used by businesses or everyday actions such as taking a taxi, the (AaS) concept is increasingly evident in almost every aspect of our lives.