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Process Improvements Generate Results for British Media Company

Impact At a Glance


reduction in time to fill for competitive hires


reduction in time to onboard pre-identified candidates


in total year-over-year growth in diverse supplier spend

Meeting Missions: Broadcasting Value Through Analytics Expertise

Speed and accuracy – critical when it comes to media distribution and also when looking for the right talent. To stay competitive in a dynamic and competitive media landscape, our client needed a way to access specialised skill sets quickly and at the right cost.

For over two years, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) has helped a British media and entertainment organisation gather the right information – in the form of sourcing data and analytics – to make smart, informed decisions when it comes to creating a workforce built for impact. Plus, our ability to subsequently advise on optimal workforce cost strategies, technology solutions and other insights and recommendations has helped drive further value for our client’s business.

As the media network’s managed service provider (MSP) and procurement and statement of work (SOW) solutions partner, AGS has impacted the client’s total cost of workforce; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals; and ultimately, its ability to utilise enriched data on demand to influence business decisions.

Taking Action: Impacting Efficiency and Diversity in the Workforce Through Innovation

With the data analytics piece underway, the client turned to AGS for innovative ways to manage its extended workforce. From reduction in time to fill to the implementation of programmes designed to impact diversity, we met and exceeded client expectations in the following ways.

Improvements in Time-to-Start Rates

As a media enterprise, our client relies heavily on skilled freelance talent, such as advertising creatives, art directors, creative and motion designers, and resource managers. Yet, in an industry that hinges on speed to market, the client’s onboarding process for its pre-identified freelance worker population took 45 days. After implementing AGS’ suggested process improvements, including targeted onboarding communications and a streamlined onboarding system for payroll, the days required to onboard a freelancer dropped to 14 days. 

Hire-Train-Deploy Programme Impacts Conversions

AGS helped the client implement the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model, which establishes specific supplier development pathways aimed at recruiting early-in-career talent. Under the programme, HTD suppliers identify high-potential talent, train them for approximately 12 weeks in relevant industry curricula and deploy into a contingent role in the client organisation for 12-24 months. After the agreed deployment period, the client has the option to convert the worker to a permanent staff member with no fee.

Diverse Supplier Journey and Success

The client’s procurement team set a goal to improve overall diversity spend and market share. Through the development and implementation of numerous custom client-specific dashboards, AGS helped make this goal a reality. In addition to the creation of diverse supplier trend and insights dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI, we also utilised our Acumen® Workforce Intelligence Platform for benchmarking purposes. As a result, market share has improved over the past two years, with a 189% increase in total year-over-year growth of diverse supplier spend as well as marked increases in diverse opportunities and starts.

Delivering Impact: Continuing Success Through Trusted Partnership

Our strategic efforts – including analytics expertise, process improvements and workforce training – has led to improvements in time to fill, diversity spend and the gender and ethnic diversity of the clients’ permanent workforce. Providing data on demand has delivered impact by helping the client interpret how insights can be used to find opportunities for improvement.

Specifically, the operations and technology improvements; supplier education and training; and hiring manager education on best practices for speed-to-hire decision-making helped AGS reduce time to fill for competitive hires by more than 50% YoY from 52 days in 2022 to 25 days in 2023. Improvements in start submittal helped boost time to start by 32% from 30 days to eight days in 2023.

So far under the HTD programme, we’ve achieved a 60% temp-to-perm conversion rate. Other benefits have included increased diversity pools, with 72% female and 76% ethnic minority candidates receiving offers in 2023 alone; wider technology role coverage; improved workforce planning; and clearer sourcing strategies.

Since joining forces with AGS, the client has experienced signs of increased satisfaction from hiring managers – reporting “best in class” satisfaction levels on Voice of the Customer (VOC) surveys, with NPS scores ranging from 67 to 93. This considerable improvement is attributed to proactive engagement, improved processes and committed partnership with managers.

As integrated partners, not only has AGS helped our client meet and exceed its time to fill, sourcing and diversity goals, AGS has also been challenged to continuously improve and innovate as an organisation, to think differently and come up with new ideas and solutions to meet the evolving talent needs facing the media industry.