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Optimize Your Workforce with Managed Services Provider (MSP) Solutions

When it comes to maximizing the value of the non-employee workforce, the key to success lies in the ability to manage contingent workers, their suppliers and freelancers through a consistent, optimized enterprise strategy. The result is an approach that enables you to deliver the right talent, at the right time and cost, across the enterprise.

To put that strategy into place, you need a team with a level of passion, innovation, and expertise that is committed to keep you ahead of the competition. Where do you turn? Allegis Global Solutions’ provides an answer, with enterprise MSP solutions that help you optimize talent acquisition and management for flexible workers and the total contingent workforce supply chain.

Taking Control of the Non-Employee Workforce

The many different sources of contingent labor present employers with unique challenges as they are typically managed by different departments, utilizing an array of vendors with varying processes, services, and price points. An MSP provides value by combining these disparate facets under one umbrella for consistent, reliable visibility and management.

A successful MSP program starts with an implementation process that mitigates risk, ensures compliance, and builds best practices - and AGS has the resources to deliver. With over two decades of experience helping companies address evolving workforce needs, we apply an MSP implementation approach that sets the foundation for a program that positions your organization for success.

Implementation Methodology and Best Practices

Before we implement your MSP solution, we first gain clarity into the current state of your contingent workforce management program. The process begins with an in-depth evaluation in which we review existing workflows to uncover opportunities for process improvements and efficiencies. Our knowledge of industry best practices and experience in more than 95 programs enables us to make recommendations that reduce costs, enhance productivity, lower risks and ensure regulatory compliance. After the discovery phase is complete, we move into the design and implementation of your MSP solution. 

Working with you, our implementation experts will define your ideal program, future-proofing it to ensure optimal efficiency, automation and program support across the entire contingent labor continuum—from procurement to payment. Then, we map the current state to that future state, develop a roadmap to bring it to life and begin your business transformation. 

Our unique approach ensures:

  • Discovery of hard and soft cost savings from process streamlining and re-engineering.
  • Improvement of compliance and mitigation of the legal risk of co-employment, providing auditable data for SOX compliance and meeting GAAP requirements.
  • Reallocation of resources devoted to managing contingent labor, including IT, contracts, buyers, accounts payable and resource management.
  • Process automation via e-procurement services, enabling hiring managers to spend less time placing orders, approving time and managing spend.

We have developed a number of best practices to ensure the successful deployment of each MSP solution, including (but not limited to):

  • Experienced project team members dedicated to building and maintaining excellent client relationships.
  • Customized planning templates that draw on our depth of knowledge and experience.
  • Proprietary business process modeling including the Allegis Global Solutions Process Catalog©.
  • A rigorous, multi-channel change management and communications process based on a high-touch, hands-on approach that includes all client stakeholders.
  • A focus on supplier relationships.
  • Highly disciplined project management based on Project Management Institute (PMI®) principles, which allows for flexibility to fully support customer-specific needs.
  • Specific project workstreams with highly experienced leaders to break the project down into manageable components, reduce risk and increase quality.
  • AGS flex team members to provide additional support at the go-live phase.

Direct Sourcing

Fully leverage your employer brand to directly attract contractors at a lower cost. Direct sourcing can help you integrate your talent channels, identify ideal candidates faster, and reduce attrition.To deliver direct sourcing, AGS taps its AI-driven technology suite and decades of recruitment expertise to provide a great candidate experience. For more information on the benefits of including direct sourcing in your MSP, read the PDF below. 

How to be the perfect MSP client

For this paper, a study was performed where a sub-sample of two client populations were evaluated based on a series of factors and data that were considered to be best-in-class differentiators in client experience and success. The factors were monitored and recorded from the initial sales cycle, through implementation, and ultimately into the current state of sustained operational management. Clients were grouped based on their performance around a key subset of cooperation and trust factors. In essence, there was one population that was deemed to be fully trusting of their MSP, scoring 30% higher on those factors, and another where cooperation and trust were generally weaker although still present.