Supply Chain Management

The supplier network is the lifeblood of an extended workforce strategy. The performance of every supplier is central to the success of the companies they serve and the workers they provide. Give suppliers the means to thrive, and they become a critical resource to move your business forward.
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Empower Your Supply Chain to Succeed

A great supply chain means better access to the right resources at the right time and cost to get the work done every time — but that’s only part of the story. Lasting impact requires a relationship and program structure that gives every supplier the best opportunity to achieve long-term success.

With more than 3,000 suppliers worldwide, AGS provides a consultative service offering that unlocks the unique strengths of today’s most effective workforce partners. The key to a successful supply chain is an active approach to empowering every supplier to achieve maximum value for their organization and the customers they serve.

Build a Winning Supplier Network

AGS elevates your workforce supply chain through its best practice approach, creating an excellent supplier experience from day one. Our focus is on understanding the supply chain, including supplier capabilities and geographic reach, and identifying and rewarding supplier successes. The result is an engaged network that delivers on your business needs.

Create a Performance Culture

A high-impact supply chain requires a solid foundation. Establishing metrics, setting detailed goals, monitoring and communicating results, taking action, and creating opportunities — these are the keys to performance that help our suppliers and customers get the most benefits from the extended workforce.

Give Suppliers a Path to Grow

Supplier commitment is essential to delivery. An emphasis on transparency and a targeted approach to distributing opportunities keeps relationships strong across the supply chain. Our strategic supplier program is built on established performance criteria to maximize opportunities for high performers.

Boost Inclusion and Diversity

AGS cultivates a highly diverse global supplier network. Our programs rely on a dedicated I&D function to ensure supplier practices and the technologies employed are positioned to attract diverse talent, deliver on I&D priorities and measure results.

Make Data Part of Your Supply Chain DNA

AGS’ Acumen Workforce Intelligence® platform provides the visibility to enable detailed management of supply chain performance. Comprehensive views into metrics related to activity, speed, cost and quality create current performance insight across the supply chain. The result is a supplier function with quick responsiveness and data-driven planning capability to connect the right resources to support the right outcomes.

AGS Names 2022 Strategic Partners

When a symbiotic relationship exists among clients, the MSP provider and suppliers who deliver contingent talent, success follows. AGS’ Strategic Partners list is updated annually based on data from AGS’ Acumen Workforce Intelligence® tool and feedback from our client program teams. Suppliers are evaluated on a regional basis and chosen based on three main areas of significance: impact, performance and partnership.

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Supply Chain Visibility for Workforce Impact

The Right Worker

No two suppliers are the same. Through its supplier management function, AGS ensures that opportunities are connected to suppliers with the relationships and capabilities to deliver quality talent for the work to be done.

At the Right Time

The timing of results is not just about speed. It's about being predictive in the execution of workforce activity. Supported by current and detailed supplier delivery metrics, AGS provides a level of predictive reliability that is essential for ensuring right-time delivery for workforce needs.

For the Right Price

AGS draws on the deepest visibility into markets and bill rates available today. This encompasses a view into costs across AGS programs combined with vast global market data through our Brightfield business intelligence partnership. Suppliers benefit from an ability to attract the right talent at the most competitive costs possible.

Your MSP: An Ally for Great Supplier Relationship Management

The right MSP partner promotes an environment that is rich for collaboration and fosters quality results. Learn more about the qualities that make an MSP a great partner in supplier relationship management in our recent article.

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