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Design Thinking @ Work 

In a world where your employees and candidates are customers, a great service experience translates into significant business value, in the form of increased retention rates and customer spend, and ultimately higher margins.

IGNITE Service Design is the ultimate key to unlocking this value by improving the talent acquisition experience for hiring managers, candidates and recruiters. IGNITE Service Design helps you plan and organize people, infrastructure, communication and material components of your recruiting process to optimize it for everyone involved.  We use design thinking to gain a deeper understanding of every "customer" in your talent acquisition process to create better solutions that are more human-centered.

When integrating service design into the standard human resource function, you can expect radical improvements in company culture coherence, as well as more effective stakeholder management, empowering collaboration and empathy activation.

IGNITE Service Design brings the philosophy of putting humans back into HR.

It ensures that HR transforms from a traditional, process-oriented model to a people-oriented model in which tailor-made solutions for employees become possible. AGS offers a range of design thinking services, which we combine with traditional process mapping, business case development and strategy advisement, to reinvent and digitally transform the talent acquisition experience.

These solutions can transform your recruitment processes to create better experiences for everyone involved.

  • UX Workshops & Recommendations
  • Service Review Workshops
  • Sourcing Review & Design
  • Organizational Review & Design 

IGNITE Service Design

With IGNITE Service Design, you’ll not only be able to better manage how each part of your hiring process can deliver optimal recruiting ROI, but also, how your talent organization can better leverage UI, UX and design thinking principles to create a digital experience that ensures you’re able to hire better talent faster and more efficiently than ever before.