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Meet your immediate talent needs with short term and project based recruitment.

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RPO FLEX is an agile solution that is tailored to meet your immediate talent requirements or challenges, for the shorter term, or defined needs, making it a flexible version of the traditional, more comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering.


Is RPO FLEX suitable for your organization?

RPO FLEX is ideal for organizations that:

  • Prefer to outsource only a part of their recruitment process, such as sourcing and screening
  • Have shorter-term, defined needs, such as project support
  • Have an immediate requirement or a sudden spike in hiring needs
  • Need a more flexible talent acquisition solution for other reasons

What are the benefits of RPO FLEX vs. In-House Recruitment

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Improved visibility and consistency of hiring and operation processes
  • Improved quality of hires through greater access to active and passive candidates
  • Improved candidate and hiring manager experience
  • Access to value-added services including employer branding and marketing mapping

Allegis Global Solutions | RPO Flex Model

How our RPO FLEX Solution has Impacted Organisations

With a quick and efficient, tried and tested ramp up and dedicated resources, RPO FLEX works as an extension of your existing hiring team to meet all immediate and short-term hiring needs, while your operations continue to run seamlessly. AGS’ experienced recruitment teams across APAC have the knowledge, expertise, and access to ever-increasing talent pools to deliver candidates who align perfectly with your job requirements and company culture. Read our case study to know more!