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Attracting Talent Through Social Media: Making the Business Case

While some business leaders may be uncomfortable with this and look to ban access in the workplace, the reality is that social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate, network, and socialise.

One of the major effects of the digital age is that it has transformed the way people view their careers and apply for jobs. We now live in a world where reading reviews before buying goods or booking a hotel is an important part of our decision making process. Likewise, candidates are treating jobs like products; they are researching companies and career opportunities through multiple sources prior to engaging with a brand. With this information, they are then building their perception of a company and use this to decide whether to engage or not. As candidates are behaving like consumers, you could say they have become ‘TalentSumers’. The importance of embracing social media and unlocking the wide-reaching benefits has never been more crucial, as you need to look at the world from the TalentSumer’s perspective. It’s become vital to keep the candidate engaged and excited about your brand or you risk losing them to a competitor.

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