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Supply Chain Management Team

At AGS, we believe your workforce management solution is only as good as your supply chain. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) team is focused on ensuring our client’s goals are achieved by having the best supplier partners, and provide innovative strategies that focus on risk mitigation, data governance, and visibility, as well as operational efficiencies specifically for their supply chain. 

Supply Chain Management Strategy

Operational Excellence

  • AGS Way Alignment
  • SLA/KPI Achievement
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Payroll and IC Compliance

Supplier Enhancement

  • Strategic Partner Programme
  • Focus Groups and Forums
  • Comparative Scorecards
  • Capability Matrix

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Targeted Distribution
  • Optimisation Recommendations
  • Comparative Analytics Powered by ACUMEN
  • Dynamic Sourcing Model

Meet the Supply Chain Management Leadership Team Below:

Laura Kochik

Manager, North American Supply Chain

Laura leads a team of supply chain analysts and consultants across North America. Laura’s solutions-focused approach, fostered through strong client partnerships, suppliers, and programme office team members has allowed her to develop collaborative and streamlined methods to resolving issues and initiatives. Her thorough understanding of client goals enables her to prescribe appropriate strategies and solutions tailored to each client. She coaches and leads her team to ensure consistent execution for each client they deliver to.

Erin Hough

Senior Manager, Regional Supply Chain

Erin leads a team of supply chain consultants across North America who are responsible for implementing best practices within our client portfolios to achieve optimal suppler performance and industry leading solutions. She leads her team to ensure client’s goals are achieved by having the best supplier partners providing talent in specific industries, geographies, and skill sets. Erin also supports AGS’ business development team by preparing RFI and RFP responses and representing the Supply Chain team during sales presentations.

AGS Success Story: Targeted Distribution Exercise for Financial Services Organization

AGS’ Supply Chain Management (SCM) team ensures our clients receive top talent at the best price the market has to offer by focusing on creating the most optimal supply chain tailored to each client. In this case study, AGS utilised a methodology called Targeted Distribution that creates the most optimal distribution list for a lean supply chain. Using the Targeted Distribution approach, AGS made substantial improvements in two short quarters, including: reduced attrition, decreased time-to-fill, drop average start time, improve first time response, and significant cost savings.