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Bringing Expertise Around the Sourcing and Pricing of Talent

For most organizations, talent is one of the most critical elements to a company’s success and in today’s labor market, it’s never been more important to make sound decisions around the acquisition of talent.

Market Analytics at AGS exists to help our clients make informed decisions regarding the sourcing and pricing of contingent labor through labor market research and comparative analysis across the AGS global client base.

Key Offerings Include:

Rate Card Consultation & Development

Creation of rate cards including consultation on existing issues/concerns and prescriptive fixes.

Local Market Analysis

Create quarterly market summaries for client hiring markets to help guide decisions regarding the acquisition of labor.

Custom Research

Analysis of global and local economic trends to help clients make decisions, for example, where to hire, how to attract passive job seekers, etc.

Thought Leadership

Research and analysis published in the form of whitepapers, blogs, case studies and infographics.

Vertical Analysis

Create quarterly industry summaries for client industries to help guide decisions regarding the acquisition of labor.

Our in-house market experts are constantly analyzing and translating data into critical information that can provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which is the best market to open a new headquarters location?
  • How can we reduce costs based on the current skills hired without impacting worker quality?
  • What kind of impact will I feel from minimum wage increasing to $15 in my area?
  • What does the labor market look like for Registered Nurses?
  • What trends are we seeing around how to attract talent in a very competitive labor market?
  • What are the next up and coming European markets for contingent staffing?
  • How much pricing flexibility can I expect based on my name brand in the marketplace?