RPO Sourcing+

Empowering and accelerating talent acquisition

RPO Souring plus is configurable service aimed to augment your existing recruitment capability with dramatically improved sourcing power.

RPO Sourcing+ is designed for companies who want to:

  • Super charge their current recruitment teams but may not be yet ready to move to an end to end Enterprise RPO.
  • Combine with Enterprise RPO in one business unit or geography, and RPO Sourcing + in others.

Regardless of your need, RPO Sourcing+ combines experienced sourcing talent with industry expertise, in-depth training and market leading technology and tools. Normally our sourcers are located in our global network of recruitment delivery centers to support your recruitment teams almost anywhere ensuring we can scale to meet your needs in real time.

The key benefits include:

  • Improved quality
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Higher percentage of passive candidates
  • Enhanced brand and reputation
  • Improved candidate experiences
  • Dramatically improved talent pipelines
  • Market intelligence

Superior AI enabled Technology: AGS INTELLECT

Our RPO Sourcing+ service is combined with the AGS INTELLECT sourcing technology ecosystem. AGS INTELLECT ensures our sourcers have the tools they need to engage the candidates you need today and build the quality pipelines for tomorrow.

AGS INTELLECT combines cutting edge capabilities of some of the most powerful and effective AI tools in talent acquisition today. AGS INTELLECT automates talent pipelines and gives you visibility into not only current operations but future looking pipelines. Added to great pipelining automation it is fully enabled with conversational AI tools designed to automate and enhance the hiring experience.

AGS Artificial Intellegence

Key RPO Sourcing+ Channels

Social mediaOur proprietary database
Web, boolean, and x-ray searchesClient ATS
Market mapping and intelligenceReferrals
Recruitment marketing platform/CRMDynamic profiles and automated sourcing
AI recruiting assistantResume screening

Global Reach

We deliver services to approximately 60 countries in multiple languages. Depending on the optimal solution we deliver through a combination onsite services, over 400 offices globally and our global network of Recruitment Delivery Centers. With operations in North America, EMEA, and APAC, our RPO solutions meet the ever-changing, complex, global demands of your business.

AGS is recognized as Leader and Star performer in the RPO Industry by Everest in 2016 and 2017.

The power of AGS IGNITE to transform the recruiting conversation lies in our ability to transform how our recruiters find, engage and interact with

We are always pushing the bounds in whatever we do, whether it be exploring new ways to connect with diverse talent or leveraging the newest technologies; AGS IGNITE helps AGS deliver amazing talent to your organization.

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