Allegis Global Solutions Revolutionizes MSP Landscape With Unified Technology Partnership

Hands Shaking - For DCR Joins Unified Technology Partnership with AGS.

Partnership with DCR allows AGS to service clients across the employment ecosystem more rapidly with customized vendor management system

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Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), a leading provider of global talent acquisition and workforce solutions, has diversified its global workforce management ecosystem through a new partnership with DCR Workforce. The partnership brings DCR’s full-scope of tools to manage contingent workforce, freelance workers and services procurement spend to AGS’ client base globally, allowing AGS to service clients within one ecosystem, driving more efficient, faster and compatible services across client engagements.

DCR’s technology, Smart Track VMS, will be used across both SIGMA, AGS’ first-of-its-kind MSP for mid-market clients, and Enterprise solutions, allowing AGS to implement services for clients more rapidly through a custom framework.

“Since last year’s launch of SIGMA we saw a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize the MSP landscape through implementing aspects of SIGMA’s business model to our Enterprise client base,” said Steve Schumacher, senior vice president of global operations at AGS. “With DCR’s global, customizable and unified VMS, we plan to reduce implementation time for Enterprise clients by half.”

“We’re excited to partner with Allegis Global Solutions and bring our technology into play to create integrated solutions for clients in one ecosystem,” said Ammu Warrier, president and co-founder of DCR. “The partnership will serve to unify services and speed up implementations.”

Finally, DCR’s global platform allows AGS to manage contingent, freelance and SOW spend through one system, as the VMS is compliant with local and regional data regulations across the world.

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