Diversity & Inclusion Workforce Consulting

Diversity and inclusion have been proven to be critical factors in an organization’s ability to innovate, compete and effectively attract and retain talent. However, as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) grow as key components of organizational strategy, the extended workforce of contingent workers, suppliers, contractors and freelancers, are often overlooked.

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Leading Inclusion and Diversity for Your Extended Workforce

From your employees to your contingent workforce to your extended workforce through SOW service providers and contractors, your vision and values should emanate through every individual, including your DEI efforts.

At Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), we believe in holistic workforce solutions – fueled by innovation, driven by data and centered around people. We’ve helped organizations across the globe build diverse and inclusive teams. By delving into your core business and understanding what you need to support and hire a diverse and inclusive workforce, we’ll become the architects of your customized solution. We strive for excellence in how we support our clients to address their most pressing workforce challenges. With inclusion and diversity consulting, we can help organizations invest in your greatest asset – your people.

Disrupting Unconscious Bias in Hiring

“If you have a brain, you have bias.” Consciously Unbiased founder Ashish Kaushal discusses unconscious bias and how workplace I&D conversations often overlook contingent workers, and how addressing this missing piece can help organizations truly advance hiring, retention and inclusion of diverse talent in the workplace.

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Diversity Talent Attraction

Our talent attraction strategies tap into every resource with intention – strategic partnerships with leading diversity talent supplier networks, channel development, employer branding, meaningful employee value propositions – to get you the right talent in the right role. From years of experience, we’ve developed specialized expertise for targeted efforts like building more inclusive job descriptions, leading inclusion labs to coach hiring managers on recognizing bias during the hiring process and diversity veiling through powerful technology partnerships to remove additional points of bias. Together, we can move the needle.

Supplier Diversity

We’re focused on visibility that leads to action. AGS employs a supplier management system that tracks and optimizes diverse spend, monitors trends, sets benchmarks and automates diversity certificate tracking and reporting. These deep insights empower our supply chain management team to advise clients on the diversity classifications that contribute to their program and to help suppliers drive their success in key performance metrics like speed, activity and quality to maximize their market share and drive impact to the worker level. With increased visibility, we can help your organization capture diverse spend, identify gaps within your contingent workforce program and make recommendations to engage a more inclusive group of suppliers.

Diversity Reporting & Analytics

Diversity, equity and inclusion can be complex and nuanced – and to effect change, you need to address the underlying drivers and the critical levers that enable it. Our advisory team can help you understand the data and analytics and build a roadmap that is meaningful to your organization by first learning about your business. From leveraging current representation rates to uncovering recruitment opportunities we can develop a strategic approach to DEI that aligns with your specific goals. As workforce leaders, we will guide you along your journey to track progress as you weave DEI throughout your workforce and talent strategy.

“Embracing new perspectives and ideas challenges the way we think and allows for optimal collaboration and problem-solving within our business and for our clients. At AGS, every voice matters. And diversity of thought is what gives us a competitive advantage and is the foundation for creating growth and opportunity.”

Steve Schumacher, President, Allegis Global Solutions

Allegis Global Solutions won the WorkLLama Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Award from the TALiNT Partners’ 2021 US TIARA Talent Solutions Awards based on our successful diversity and inclusion program implemented by a financial services client. 

“When it came down to choosing a winner, Allegis Global Solutions’ boldness in their solutions, demonstrated capability and bravery to take on challenges head-on set them apart from the competition. Many providers delivered impressive client success stories, but AGS showed their adaptability and strength in tackling a range of client needs,” said Ken Brotherston, managing director of TALiNT Partners. 

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AGS Wins 2021 Talint Partners Award

What many organizations may not realize is that I&D principles are not limited to the recruiting and retention of traditional employees. They also apply to the extended workforce, including contingent workers and their suppliers, as well as contractors and freelancers.

Given the size, complexity, and influence of the extended workforce, it pays to engage an MSP partner to help align stakeholders and steer a consistent approach to recruiting and attraction strategies. In this article, we cover a few questions to guide that conversation.

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I&D Strategic Partners

AGS partners strategically with organizations to help us build a workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve and foster an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve professional success. Some of our strategic partners include:

National Sales Network

Meeting the professional and developmental needs of sales and sales management professionals and individuals who want to improve their professional sales skills

Linkage, Inc.

Developing effective, purposeful leaders and advancing women and creating cultures of inclusion to help businesses create transformative change


Building a stronger bridge between business and the disability communities

National Association of Asian American Professionals

Cultivating and empowering Asian and Pacific Islander leaders through leadership development, professional networking and community service