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Real change is possible when companies explore new ways to get work done by using contract workers, consultants, freelancers, services providers and other non-employee resources.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Extended Workforce

The need for a flexible workforce strategy is more urgent than ever. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to connect to contingent workers and other non-employee resources through disconnected channels and relationships. This approach leads to higher costs, slower engagement, increased regulatory risk and business delays.

MSP: A Practical Path to Transformation

An advanced managed service provider (MSP) like Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) bridges the siloes of workforce engagement by managing distributed resources, channels of activity and costs through a single program. The result is a clear view of worker supply and demand, consistent spend and cost savings, improved responsiveness and control over compliance risks.

AGS takes MSP to a new level, applying a powerful combination of custom technology and proven processes, with expert workforce- advisors at the center of each program. For large, complex enterprise organizations, as well as small and mid-market companies, a right-sized MSP strategy delivers impact that lasts. Companies achieve an extended workforce capability that delivers on today’s demands while driving the transformation needed to succeed in a new world of work.

Boost Access to Talent

Get the most out of your supplier network. Our direct sourcing capability expands your options for engaging workers in select roles, and a robust technology footprint connects you to all sourcing channels – quickly and effectively.

Improve Visibility

Compare data from multiple sources. Benchmark and track supplier performance and make informed decisions about costs. Ease of use and access to the right data supports informed decisions for a best-fit, right-cost strategy – all in one view through our Acumen Workforce Intelligence® platform.

Enhance Compliance

Stay ahead of the complex regulatory landscape. AGS provides the expertise and advisory partnership you seek to address worker classification, data protection and privacy, and evolving employment law developments.

Control Costs

Apply a consistent cost structure across your external workforce supply chain. Our data platform and proven management process deliver the right resources, at the right rates for the right results, giving you every advantage to engage your extended workforce.

A Business Case for Small to Mid-Market Companies

Think your business is too small to benefit from an MSP partner? Think again! AGS can support your workforce needs, whether you manage 100 contingent workers and $5 million in spend per year or 10,000 workers and $500 million. Tailored approaches for smaller organizations put a right-sized MSP solution within your reach.
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Leading the World of Work

AGS was named a Leader on the 2022 Contingent Workforce Management/Managed Service Provider PEAK Matrix® Assessment for the eighth consecutive year, as well as a 2022 Star Performer, which recognizes companies with the strongest forward movement across both market success and capabilities, year-over-year.

"Allegis Global Solutions continues to strengthen its delivery presence and client portfolio and has a proven experience in executing complex multi-country CWM deals," said Everest Group Practice Director Krishna Charan. "Its continued investments in developing an integrated technology stack, demonstrated ability to cater to end-to-end services procurement management needs of clients and growing advisory capabilities have all contributed to its positioning as a Leader and a Star Performer on Everest Group’s CWM/MSP PEAK Matrix® 2022."

Transformation is Within Reach

Achieving the vision of tomorrow begins by solving the problems of today. That balance of practical solutions and long-term vision underpins AGS’ approach to workforce strategy, helping you solve your most pressing challenges while creating a practical path to transformation.


Run: Solve for Today’s Challenges

From identifying cost and performance challenges, to setting up an effective contingent workforce program and improving your supplier network, we help you take action to optimize your ability to measure and manage costs.


Grow: Expand your Strategy and Capabilities for Continuous Value

Bring a broader array of departments, locations and resources into the program over time. Adopt enhanced technologies, take on more talent types and skills and achieve results that enhance your credibility and boost stakeholder adoption.


Transform: Re-Invent How Work Gets Done

Proactive strategies, digital and supplier ecosystems and a clear path to the best option for every workforce need — these are the hallmarks of a transformed workforce capability, and they are within reach. While delivering on your near-term demands, AGS partners with you to redesign how you connect to the resources you need in a changing world of work.

A More Enterprising Way to Work: The Universal Workforce Model

AGS has led the evolution of work through MSP, RPO, services procurement and technology. The Universal Workforce Model is the next evolution toward a more enterprising way to work as an outcome-first approach to aligning workforce needs and resource needs to the work that must be done.

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