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Experience Centered, Digitally Aligned 

IGNITE Marketing & Brand builds compelling employer brand stories, leveraging the power of digital media, creative collateral, and strategic campaigns to help provide a consistent candidate experience. Our user-experience focused approach engages candidates and culture carriers to help increase brand visibility, while attracting the right candidates at the right time. At our core, we are storytellers who use words and images to help your employer brand resonate with the best candidates.  
IGNITE Marketing & Brand focuses on developing candidate-aligned recruitment marketing solutions that enhance your employer brand. We offer a flexible combination of recruitment marketing services to fit your exact needs and work with your corporate marketing and brand teams as needed to ensure brand compliance and seamless integration.

Making yourself into an employer of choice requires rethinking the role of marketing in your overall recruitment strategy. Our recruitment marketing solutions bring employer brands to life to help deliver real, trackable recruiting results. We create seamless candidate experiences that are powered by a robust technology platform and backed up with years of experience as a leader in recruitment, that result in:  

  • Companies that have invested in building and strengthening their employer brand have seen on average a 28% reduction in turnover, as well as a 50% cost-per-hire reduction. (LinkedIn)
  • We help organizations become employers of choice by impacting candidate’s moments of truth and creating culture champions.
  • Only 36% of candidates are actively looking for a job at any given time, and the competition for their attention is fierce. (LinkedIn)
  • Through our tailored and effective recruitment marketing solutions, we enable organizations to continuously build quality talent pipelines for future career opportunities.
  • 9 out of 10 candidates would apply for a job when it’s from an employer brand that’s actively maintained. (Workable)
  • Our award-winning recruitment marketing team helps our customers improve their candidate's experiences and build brand advocates.
AGS IGNITE Consulting

Take a look at some of our offerings below: 

  • Media Planning, Buying & Management
  • Employer Brand Analysis 
  • Recruiter Brand Guide & Toolkit 
  • Digital & Social Media Diversity Advisory
  • Employer Brand Campaigns 
  • Employee Advocacy Programs 
  • Content Management & Cultivation
  • Job Ad Writing 

IGNITE Marketing & Brand

IGNITE Marketing & Brand is aligned towards driving strategic talent acquisition initiatives via targeted and digitally-enabled campaigns and best practices.

Driven by next generation innovation, we are transforming workforce quality and talent acquisition experiences globally.