The Future of Talent — Today.

There are a ton of tools and technologies out there. We get it. Opportunities abound, but getting it right can be daunting and complex.

Additionally, the digital age has both informed and amplified expectations for talent acquisition leaders as neither candidates or hiring managers separate their online experiences from their in-person experiences. There is no hiding from recruitment experiences.

IGNITE Technology is a key practice within AGS IGNITE. It's been built by our experts who will help you rise above the day-to-day to reach your strategic goals in improving the human experience for candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. Services currently include: enterprise architecture and strategy assessment; workforce management; technology roadmap development, implementation and integration; and tech management and support.

As your business grows and evolves, so too should your digital recruitment and technology strategy.

IGNITE Technology provides you with the tools you'll need to effect change and make a direct impact on your recruitment experience within your organization.

As a direct result of IGNITE Technology, organizations will experience:

  • Technology efficiencies that have a direct impact on the bottom line.
  • Cost savings through clear and streamlined processes.


Is our market leading technology solution, integrating some of the most innovative recruiting tools and cutting-edge hiring technologies on the market into a single, simple and scalable solution for you! Please read more by clicking below

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AGS INTELLECT RPO Technology Stack

Through IGNITE Technology, we offer experience-driven solutions designed with you, the customer in mind. Our core business is delivery of recruitment — so our understanding of process re-engineering and change management is key. We've done the work and the research to ensure the practical application of tools and services to carry out recruitment.

Review some of our offerings below:

  • Tech Capability Review
  • Recruitment Systems Solutions Design
  • Technology Implementation
  • Recruitment Systems Integration

AGS IGNITE Technology

IGNITE Technology drives seamless digital recruitment experiences through a holistic view of the technological landscape using our experience as a leader in recruitment to increase quality and efficiency.