A future-ready approach to your workforce using one single ecosystem allowing for strategic talent delivery.

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In today's world of work, freelancers are expected to make up 50% of the workforce.

Additionally, highly-skilled and niche talent, continue to be highly desired and hard to secure for full-time roles. This will result in companies shifting to a freelance or gig opportunity mindset in order to get work done. As economic, demographic, workforce acquisition and technology continue to evolve, it’s more important than ever for organizations to reevaluate and revamp their approach to their workforce.

Total Workforce Acquisition is a future-ready approach to accessing talent that will provide greater alignment of an organization’s workforce strategy to their overall business strategy.

We believe our staffing and recruitment professionals have an obligation to act as talent advisors to our clients – not to just be requisition fillers. Our talent advisors understand our clients’ business objectives and the best path to achieving them. By aligning to the ultimate business goals, we can recommend to our clients the right channels to get that work done based on data-driven and fact-based decisions. Focusing on the workforce as a whole rather than in several different parts, gives organizations the benefit of access to the entire talent spectrum to reach your goals.

Through our total workforce solutions, we help our clients with the following:

  • Consolidation of data across the permanent, contingent, freelance and SOW workforce.
  • Visibility into  all sourcing channels, metrics and labor pools that influence talent planning decisions.
  • Greater leverage of employer branding, company sourcing channels and technology utilized enterprise-wide.
  • Ability to re-allocate and retain key workers.
  • A single source of advisement and accountability across the entire worker population.
Solve Workforce Challenges With A 'Total' Solution
A Total Problem Requires A Total Solution

By choosing AGS as your total talent provider, you will experience:


Overall outsource provider savings through having all parts of talent management owned by one provider.


Improved analytics and visibility into your workforce and the marketplace with advanced technologies.


Better workforce planning and demand management  -  what roles can be filled fastest by what type of worker?


Clear employer brand strategy and consistent candidate experience across the organization.


Enhanced resource redeployment resulting in greater loyalty, lower risk and faster time to productivity.

Aligned Workforce

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Aligned workforce plan to overall business strategy.

AGS has been recognized as the #1 Total Workforce Solutions Provider  in HRO Today’s 2018 Total Workforce Solutions Baker’s Dozen category.