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Timely, Powerful Workforce Intelligence

If you're not accurately tracking the health of your program, how would you know how well the program is actually performing?

Our ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence™ platform measures KPIs using BI portals so that you always have a handle on your program performance. We focus on the accuracy of all data while giving your organization's information top priority. 

Workforce Intelligence Benefits

Data Visibility: How to find the stories your data is telling

Data Visibility: How to find the stories your data is telling

Data analysis is about finding, and then telling, the story held within data. Being able to present this visually is a key part of the process. 

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Multiple Solutions within a Single Platform

The benefits of our ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence platform include, but are not limited to:

Comparative Analytics – Analyze Program performance against other AGS Programs to track program's trends. 

Performance Benchmarking – Make smarter business decisions when they're backed by relevant and accurate data. Our system allows you to view benchmarks by supplier, labor category, industry, program size and more. 

Daily Data Refresh – Access to the industry's most current information. Ability to view data trends with current information to make informed decisions.

AGS Way Measures – Every metric calculation is backed by our substantial industry experience and knowledge. 

Data Quality Focus – Feel confident in every number, every time. We perform rigorous testing and validation processes daily. Our data stewards continuously monitor data to assure quality. 

ACUMEN Workforce Intelligence 

ACUMEN is designed to support our customers, program leaders and analysts by providing a comprehensive view of program performance, that is near real-time data. The dynamic data visualizations and drill in reporting capabilities enable decision making and are supported by performance benchmarking and comparative data points.

 business intelligence report

AGS provides custom operational reporting produced by the Business Analytics team to fill in the gaps between our real-time transactional reporting supported by the VMS and the needs of our customers. Deliverables are designed to support customer decision making and visibility into program activity and performance.

 vendor management system

The VMS technologies provide reporting and data access to the system that supports the business process. In addition, Hiring leaders needing visibility into their data use the dashboards and reports available in the system to understand their usage of contingent labor.

Data Quality, Visibility & Accountability

By stringently managing data quality and creating accountability, we've built an innovative platform many of the world's biggest names rely upon. 
Each program has a data quality dashboard, providing visibility into the health of your program's data. You'll never be short of insights or guess where you stand. 

Data Safety

In today's competitive atmosphere where companies experience data breaches all too often, our clients can rest assured. Your data is safeguarded with the latest technology via a secure third-party hosted infrastructure. Leaving nothing to chance, we perform frequent penetration and vulnerability scans to protect your information. 

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The Advantages of ACUMEN's Workforce Intelligence Platform 

The dashboards have been designed to respond to three key customer questions:
  1. How is my program performing? 
    Gain instant insight into specific program performance. Use filters to map trends and chart your progress.
  2. How is my program performing compared to other AGS programs?
    See how you stack up with our program benchmarking and comparative analytics tools. Drill down into features to uncover more detail.
  3. What should the program do next?
    Our analysts are trained to leverage technology and advanced methods of data analysis. They will pinpoint trends and use this information to help you identify your program's next steps, measure results and, if needed, take corrective action.

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