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Talent solutions with a global reach

In today’s global marketplace, talent acquisition and management should know no boundaries. By partnering with Allegis Global Solutions, you gain a global perspective that spans five continents, sharpened by a local focus.

Understanding the laws, regulations and compliance requirements specific to a country, as well as its languages, cultural nuances and popular technologies, is vital for any global talent solutions provider.

Crowdsourcing: The new trend in "Getting Work Done"

Crowdsourcing: The new trend in "Getting Work Done"

The world of work is evolving and changing everyday. We are now living in an As-a-Service (aaS) economy. Whether it’s the software used by businesses or everyday actions such as taking a taxi, the (aaS) concept is increasingly evident in almost every aspect of our lives.

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Our goal is always to make a difference for your business, but making a difference is relative to who you are, what you do and where you’re active. With Allegis Global Solutions, you can take full advantage of our knowledge of local legislation, market conditions and sourcing strategies to improve quality while lessening cost and risk. We manage all our permanent workforce and contingent workforce solutions with global consistency, delivering:

  • Global visibility and reporting into labor spend
  • Access to international talent pools 
  • Consistent methodology around global acquisition and management of labor 
  • Increased capabilities around global sourcing decisions
  • Expanded ability to capture cost savings via performance management 
  • Global market strategies
  • Best-in-class technology according to region and market

When you partner with Allegis Global Solutions, you will not only gain insight into the particular laws, cultures and practices of specific countries, you will also gain access to the world’s best talent. Our global talent solutions are an advantage that can help your business rise to the challenges of a growing global market.

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