Argyle Executive Forum

October 06, 2015 - October 06, 2015

New York, NY
2015 Human Capital Leadership Breakfast: "Spotlight on Societal Influences on the Modern Workforce"
Presented by: Ron Hetrick, Director of Labor Market Analysis

In today’s society, our workforce is largely impacted by influences outside the office walls. Societal factors influence the way our business runs and how our employees work and live. By gaining insight into economic, local and global trends, we can better understand our workforce and are able to make intelligent and informed decisions regarding the future of that workforce. How can we begin to understand these influences and their impact on our business? In what ways are markets, industries, and skill sets changing and how are we reacting to these changes? What is the key to creating a strong workforce that stays ahead of the competition? Argyle Executive Forum, along with Allegis Global Solutions, will bring together CHRO's and top Human Capital executives to examine the importance of understanding and analyzing the labor market to create a strong and stable workforce.

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