SIG Webinar with DCR Workforce

June 20, 2017 - June 20, 2017

Online Webinar

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) is participating as a panelist in the upcoming SIG webinar with DCR workforce on Tuesday, June 20th at 11:00am-12:00pm EST.

The webinar will be focused on new strategies in engaging and managing talent for mid-market organizations. Jessi Guenther, Executive Director of SIGMA MSP, will be the panelist on behalf of AGS.

If you’re in a mid-market organization and struggling with your company’s unique needs and challenges when it comes to sourcing, hiring and managing your contingent workforce, then you won’t want to miss this informative webinar where you’ll learn about:

Who makes up the “mid-market” and what are the parameters?
What makes the mid-market unique?
Why is there a need for a mid-market solution?
What should you look for in a provider based on if you are Gen 1 (new to the space)? or Gen 2 (already have a program and solution in place)?
Join us as the panel of industry thought leaders, with voices representing industry research, technology, VMS and managed services providers, highlight how the changing world of technology and work is currently transforming mid-market contingent workforce programs.

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