Providing Universal Access To All Forms Of Talent To Get Work Done

Industry analysts note that today's human capital solutions and workforce management marketplace are undergoing fundamental changes - forcing businesses to adapt and evolve around the way they acquire top talent and meet their business objectives. Companies are focused on "getting the work done" and more open to worker type and location. Being able access information about all of your talent in one place means better decisions faster.

QUANTUM, Allegis Global Solutions' (AGS) proprietary workforce-acquisition methodology, provides our clients a single-entry point to all types of workers, including contractors, consultants, and FTE's.

QUANTUM Overview

QUANTUM is a workforce acquisition strategy that provides greater access and visibility to all forms of talent. By aggregating numerous talent pools and leveraging the power of AI, we consult with our clients and deliver the best combination of talent to get work done.

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QUANTUM sits across any system – Vendor Management System (VMS) for contractors, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for full-time employees, or an e-procurement or freelance management system for independent consultants. QUANTUM will ensure the right combination of workers are engaged.

Furthermore, the QUANTUM platform serves to simplify the hiring manager experience enabling clients to make data-driven/fact-based decisions. To ensure the best resources available through QUANTUM are utilized, AGS talent advisors consult with hiring managers about the tasks and business objectives they are trying to achieve and develop a resource plan based on those specific needs.

What are the benefits to the Hiring Community?

  • Faster time to fill
  • Improved retention of contractors and employees
  • Access to all worker types in one system for more efficient sourcing
  • Engaging the most appropriate worker based on market conditions and comparative data

What are the benefits to Candidates & Passive Job Seekers?

  • Candidates will experience an increase in quality matched opportunities
  • Quicker placement and better work continuity
  • Candidates are rewarded for strong performance improving the overall experience

What are the benefits to the Supplier Community?

  • Immediate access to requisitions
  • The ability to build talent clouds filled with prequalified, pre-vetted talent
  • A formalized way for recruiters to present their strongest talent for hiring managers to view

Interested in learning how QUANTUM can fit in your workforce solution? Contact our team below:

Kristy Sidlar
Head of Global Solutions
Kristy has over 25 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. She has created solutions across MSP, RPO and talent consulting globally. Recently returning from 3 years in the Asia Pacifica region, she is now leading QUANTUM, AGS' total talent strategy.
E-mail: ksidlar@allegisglobalsolutions.com

Renee Gorman
Talent Advisor Lead
Renee has over 16 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. She has held senior level recruitment positions in agency staffing, corporate HR, RPO and MSP.
E-mail: rgorman@allegisglobalsolutions.com