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Focused on partnering with our clients to build customized solutions

As a part of Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), The AGS IGNITE Team (IGNITE) empowers and accelerates talent acquisition through strategic sourcing, technology, diversity and recruitment marketing to transform your business.

Our IGNITE team focuses on partnering with our clients to build customized solutions that meet their unique needs.  Utilizing a holistic and consultative approach IGNITE Technology delivers world-class recruitment solutions by focusing on three major areas: Solutions, Product Management, and Tech Ops.

Solutions specializes in system design, solution architecture and technology consulting. Whether it’s navigating the vast and ever-changing landscape of recruitment technology, implementing core recruitment applications and services or integrating systems, IGNITE Technology is there to guide our clients.


Changing Landscape of the Technology Environment

With every passing year, the world becomes more dependent on technology. From the boardroom to the living room, it is touching almost every aspect of our lives and is continuing to extend its reach.

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Product Management takes a cue from Agile methodologies and management.  By focusing on Product Ownership, IGNITE Technology delivers a balance of innovation and practical application into AGS our technology solutions.  Continuous research and development accomplish this with direct interaction with an AGS funded idea incubator called Talent Tech Labs to accelerate innovative technologies and partnerships.

Tech Ops is responsible for the support and maintenance of AGS managed technology solutions. The Tech Ops focus guides our clients and implementation teams through technology initiatives and acts as the single point of contact for the other pillars of the IGNITE center of excellence and our technology providers.  

IGNITE Technology helps AGS clients hire the right talent faster with an innovative combination of software and methodologies that include:


  • Recruitment Marketing Platform with Core CRM – Recruitment Marketing encompasses strategies and tactics that AGS utilizes to partner with our clients to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert talent.

  • Connected Proprietary Database – 30 million candidates continuously growing and evolving via our regional distributions centers to provide industry analytics and insight beyond our client’s work order requirements.

  • Omni-Channel Sourcing – The power of Connected, web sourcing, social, IGNITE Sourcing, and machine learning.

  • Career Site Management – Personalized career site maintains your company’s brand and enhances candidate experience.

  • Marketing & Engagement – Intelligently automate management and engagement of your critical talent pipelines.  Engage candidates at the point of interest in real-time via an AGS AI chatbot that can answer candidate questions, screen or enable referrals and interview scheduling.

  • Talent Networks – Creation of unlimited mobile-optimized talent networks via multiple channels.

  • Candidate Cultivation – Exponentially find and nurture ready-to-use talent pipelines within the centralized CRM.

  • Convert – The AGS Way” - A Passion for Operational Excellence.

  • Screening & Assessment – Intelligent screening and assessment software automates resume screening by using AI.

  • Interviews – AGS utilizes the only rules-based, interview scheduling solution that organizes schedules and location availability, considering priority and sequence, to return real-time interview agenda options in seconds, not hours.

  • Onboarding – AGS utilizes a candidate workflow engagement engine designed to optimize engagement throughout the onboarding process.

  • ATS – Because of our depth of knowledge related to application tracking systems AGS knows that your systems may be heavily integrated into your business taxonomy and typically accompanied by costly, multi-year contracts which prevent a rip and replace of core client systems.  Our job is to integrate our team operations into your ATS, provide recommendations for optimization and to enhance the ATS to provide candidate relationship management or recruitment marketing capabilities that elevate the candidate experience.

  • Allegis Global Solutions AI Sourcing Solution: Better Job-Candidate Matching, Better Sourcing Capabilities, Reducing Hiring Bias. The goal of AI in Talent Acquisition is to bring neutrality into a previously subjective process, while simultaneously increasing the speed of searching candidates, minimizing human bias, and helping assess skills more holistically and precisely.

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