AGS Ignite Strategy and UX Consulting

Looking for a job is one of the toughest gigs there is. At AGS, we don’t think the finding work has to feel like work and recruitment doesn’t need to be a burden on hiring managers.

That’s why AGS launched IGNITE Strategy and UX Consulting. Our design thinking is built for the people you’re looking to hire. Candidates are at the core of our holistic approach to hiring – one that extends to every person on the hiring team and every part of the recruiting process.

With AGS IGNITE Strategy and UX Consulting, you’ll be able to better manage how each part of your hiring process can deliver optimal recruiting ROI. Your talent organization can better leverage UI, UX and design thinking principles to create a consumer grade digital experience that ensures you’re able to hire better talent faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Approach: The AGS Way

Unlike a lot of consulting firms out there, our projects aren’t one size fits all. There are no ‘out of the box’ solutions with us. That’s why we work to understand your existing talent acquisition model to ensure that we deliver a solution that actually solves a problem.

Our initial focus is on finding short term wins and focusing on the little process improvements and iterations that make the biggest long-term difference to your candidates and hiring stakeholders alike. Long term strategic transformation starts by sweating the small stuff, after all.

When you work with AGS IGNITE Strategy and UX Consulting, you will see tactical improvements and measure short term successes almost immediately — no more waiting on reports or recommendations before you begin to realize ROI.

That includes design thinking with all hiring stakeholders in mind, ensuring an optimal experience for every end user throughout every hiring process.

Services Design: The New Frontier

Service Design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service provider and its customers.

At AGS, we believe Services Design is the ultimate key to unlocking value and improving the Talent Acquisition experience for all users — whether they be candidates, hiring managers, or candidates. AGS Strategy and UX Consulting services are built within a common framework of Services Design.

Services Design is the perfect toolset to understanding and designing refreshingly simple and engaging experiences, with a central focus on UX. FROM THE DESIGN VALUE INDEX STUDY-

THOSE WHO INVEST IN SERVICE DESIGN WIN, AND THEY WIN BIG. Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P’s 500) companies that have adapted their culture to a SERVICE FOCUS HAVE SEEN A VALUE INCREASE OF 211% in comparison to those that haven't.

The field of Services Design provides a range of toolsets, including AI, IA and automation, which we developed into an AGS methodology. Leveraging this methodology enables our clients to work smarter and improve the services experience and quality of candidates.

Some of the toolsets we use are outlined below:

Strategy and UX Overview

It’s no secret that looking for a job is one of the toughest gigs there is. At AGS, we don’t think the finding work has to feel like work and recruitment doesn’t need to be a burden on hiring managers.

Download Strategy and UX Overview

Key Services:

While many of our most successful partnerships leverage our comprehensive services catalog below, our projects are individually customized and personally designed with your unique talent attraction challenges in mind. Each of our six product offerings can be purchased as individual modules depending on client needs, digital transformation challenges and talent acquisition objectives.

  1. Segmentation Analysis: Talent segmentation is the driver to tailor the recruitment value delivery chain to each specific segment. The evaluation highlights the business segments that provide the most value-add to the organization and can prioritize the talent management strategy for those identified segments. By reviewing the recruitment operations for every business segment and market, we can help you better focus on delivering improvements and value for the most key hires, competitive markets or critical segments. The exercise of agreeing segments is also an excellent opportunity to potentially identify opportunities to reduce inefficiency, remove bottlenecks, introduce innovation and improve the service experience.
  2. Services and Process Review and Harmonization: If you’re adding a new HCM or ATS system, implementing a new point solution, redesigning hiring policies or reconfiguring recruiting processes, it’s imperative to understand exactly how these change management initiatives will impact candidate experience. With increasing globalization, it’s essential to design a recruiting process that’s going to speak to every candidate to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.
  3. UX Journey Mapping: In a workshop environment, AGS will work with your key users to develop a visual representation of the total process providing insight into the total candidate, hiring manager or recruiter experience. By constructing UX from the users’ perspective, we enable organizations to better align the right hiring processes to the right hires.
  4. Services Blue Print Design: AGS will build the solution design leveraging a service blueprint design, working from the perspective of the candidate experience and the relevant teams that may be involved in the talent management process.
  5. Online Playbooks: AGS provides our partners with access to some of the most successful hiring resources, templates and guides available on the market. Using AGS’ proprietary approach to UX and candidate experience design, we provide the tools and tactics your recruiting team needs to hire the best talent. Our vast repository of recruiting resources provides a unified destination for services, support and strategy across your entire talent organization.
  6. Training and Curriculum: We combine AGS’ proprietary recruiter training, with client specific learning and development tools and content, creating a standardized, centralized and scalable way to make global TA training easy for in-house recruiters and external partners & providers alike.

Why Allegis Global Solutions:

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), an Allegis Group Company, is a leader in global talent solutions. And we’ve already reimagined the human work experience as we know it. Through decades of hands on hiring, industry experience and recruiting expertise, AGS understands what it takes to deliver the best talent, no matter what type of talent you’re looking for.

With services in over 60 countries and a client list that includes some of the biggest employers in the world, when it comes to consulting, designing and building successful workforce management solutions, AGS is world class, all over the world. Whether our customers are looking for an MSP or RPO provider, whether they’re looking for a Services Procurement (SOW) partner or a freelance solution, we’ve totally got total talent covered.

AGS’ unrivaled recruiting experience, internal subject matter expertise, state-of-the-art talent technology and sustained investments in workforce innovation help employers reach their strategic goals more efficiently and more effectively with targeted solutions and relentless execution – delivered by the recruitment industry’s best brains and brightest minds.

Here at AGS, we live to match exceptional organizations with outstanding people. So, if you’re ready to experience a truly transformative approach to improving candidate experience, then we’re ready to help.