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No matter what you're selling, we have the inventory of top talent you need to succeed. Our product is people - and we give relationship retailing a whole new meaning.

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Retailers today face some pretty tough talent challenges.

Between the decline in the available workers, an increase in turnover and more competition for consumers than ever before, in retail, business as usual is anything but.

And when it comes to your bottom line, every sale depends on having the right talent having the right interactions with every single customer, every single time.

In retail, your workers are the face of your business. That's why Allegis Global Solutions is focused on making sure your retail business can always put its best face forward.

We focus on hiring, developing, retaining and deploying the very best talent to the frontlines - and beyond - so you can focus on inventory turnover instead of employee turnover, and cost of sale instead of cost of hire.

Our core is people and we are the flagship store for top retail talent. Allegis Global Solutions is like the flagship store for top retail talent.

With Allegis Global Solutions,

both brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers can find the people required to create the right merchandise mix.

Allegis Global Solutions combines the world's best technology and an established, proven hiring model that helps retail organizations do more than just meet their numbers. We partner with some of the biggest brands in the retail business to ensure that they're able to retain, develop and deploy top performers for the best ROI on their recruiting investment — and the biggest impact on their bottom line, too.

  • Ensure every front line employee has the right experience, customer service skills and core retailing competencies required to create a world class experience with every customer interaction.
  • Rapidly screen, source, select and onboard new employees across hundreds or thousands of stores, franchises or sites.
  • Reduce employee turnover and improve retention by finding candidates who not only have the skills you need, but also, closely align with your business culture and consumer brand.
  • Improve sales and productivity by ensuring your team members are the most engaged, knowledgeable and experienced retail workers on the market, no matter what market you happen to be in.

Allegis Global Solutions: By The Numbers



saved by our client in hiring fees, dropping their agency usage in the first year alone.



average time to fill for retail supervisors.



risk and compliance roles filled for a fortune 100 global corporation.