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Allegis Global Solutions’ Report Connects Workforce Data to Better Business Decisions

HANOVER, Md., September 20, 2021 - Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), the leading provider of global workforce solutions, has released its latest report, “Turning Workforce Visibility into a Competitive Advantage.” Based on the experiences of AGS clients across multiple industries and regions, the report highlights 10 specific examples of how workforce intelligence informs more impactful business outcomes.

The report covers data-driven decisions from all aspects of talent and workforce strategy, including the extended workforce (contingent workers and talent procured through statement of work services) and employee talent acquisition. Areas of focus in the report include reducing attrition, diversifying spend, controlling and reducing costs, avoiding workforce inefficiencies, and leveraging visibility into hiring practices to achieve strategic inclusion and diversity objectives.

In each case, the use of data and analytics, along with human expertise and advice, shapes a course of action that delivers a positive result for the business. Highlighted examples include:

Contingent Workforce Data

  • Using benchmarks to reduce attrition, increasing successful completions by 20%
  • Averting a costly overtime rate cut
  • Cutting a full week from time-to-start
  • Turning lost candidates into successful engagements, reducing failure-to-start rates by 50%

Services Procurement Analytics

  • Improving labor classification in services procurement to reduce risks and costs for nearly $24 million in contract spend
  • Applying services procurement analytics for better business outcomes, such as an annual cost savings of $30,000 on a single assignment
  • Expanding services supplier options to control a rapid growth in spend

Data-Driven Recruitment

  • Using historical insights to meet hiring demand
  • Reducing a reliance on agency hires, saving nearly $400,000 in agency fees and speeding up hiring by 50%
  • Supporting action and an advisory partnership to achieve inclusion and diversity goals, yielding 200+ additional diverse hires per year and resulting in a rise of female hires to 52% of total applicants

In addition to examples of data in action, the report also explores the advantages of innovative market intelligence enabled through AGS’ partnership with Brightfield, providers of today’s most advanced global extended workforce intelligence software. The combination of Brightfield’s TDX technology and the specialized human expertise of AGS’ workforce advisors delivers intelligence that is accurate, current and actionable.

“Our customers depend on AGS to help them better understand and use workforce data,” said AGS Global Head of Strategy Bruce Morton. “Thanks to our client partnerships – along with powerful data and analytics innovations – workforce and business leaders have an opportunity to make the most informed, predictive decisions ever. The insights shared in this report shed light on practical opportunities for any organization to apply workforce data in new ways to deliver a positive impact.”

“Turning Workforce Visibility into a Competitive Advantage” is part of a series of workforce strategy publications AGS is producing to highlight how smart solutions and technology are transforming the way companies get work done. The report is available to download here: https://learn.allegisglobalsolutions.com/en-us/white-paper-turning-workforce-visibility-into-a-competitive-advantage.

Media Contact

Lyndsay Westwood

Global Director, Marketing 

Email: lwestwood@allegisglobalsolutions.com
Phone: + 44 1344 382 112

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