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Report from Allegis Global Solutions Identifies Five Priorities to Guide the Transformation of Talent Acquisition in Asia-Pacific

Singapore, May 26, 2022 – Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), the leading provider of global workforce solutions, has released its latest report, “The Road Ahead for Talent Acquisition in Asia-Pacific: Five Priorities to Guide Transformative Change.” The report considers results from AGS’ 2021 survey of talent acquisition (TA) and human resources (HR) leaders in Europe and extrapolates how those themes and trends apply to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The resulting report outlines five strategic imperatives for companies as they reassess their workforce construct of permanent staff and contingent workers to enable more flexibility in how to get work done.

Those five priorities for workforce management agility include:

  • Transforming the TA function: Providing greater business value by holding onto a rolling, strategic roadmap that plans for ongoing step changes in customer experience, process enhancements, technology advancements, data optimisation, and fluctuating skills and people needs
  • Adopting flexible work arrangements: Putting people first regarding when and where they work, and rethinking how to translate an organisation’s culture and business values to newly acquired talent, including remote workers
  • Connecting data to business outcomes: Leveraging real-time data and market analytics to inform the business, and ensuring data is constantly updated and used to inform hiring decisions and support the candidate experience and overall engagement process
  • Understanding the role of technology and digital demands: Viewing technology as a viable, long-term strategy and incorporating a technology roadmap in the organisation’s TA strategy
  • Fostering talent communities: Curating and nurturing a defined talent community through two-way communication (e.g., digital forums and social media) to support strategic sourcing and pipelining while also building the company’s brand

“The future success of a company relies on the TA and HR leader who proactively adjusts their strategy to hire and retain the best talent and transform the business outcome of their company,” says Vice President of AGS APAC Sarah Wong. “By staying connected to the organisation’s strategy and keeping a finger on the market’s pulse, TA and HR can reimagine how work gets done and build the future workforce today.”

Wong continues, “People’s expectations and mindsets are different from pre-pandemic days. More than ever, talent acquisition teams need to ensure they are enabling the business with an approach that is designed around business strategy, bringing a diversity of thought and talent into the workplace.”

In addition to Wong, the report includes commentary from other AGS leaders in the APAC region, including AGS China General Manager Lily Ye, Director of Human Capital Solutions at AGS India Shruthi Rao, and Senior Director and Head of Strategic Growth APAC for AGS Gabriel Young, among others.

“The Road Ahead for Talent Acquisition in Asia-Pacific” report is available to download here: https://learn.allegisglobalsolutions.com/en-au/talent-acquisition-asia-pacific.

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