Peak Season Performance

Delivering a High-Volume Seasonal Workforce for Fortune 500 Courier That Anticipates Future Demands

Impact at a Glance


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US client locations served with the contingent workforce


roles filled during peak season times

Meeting Missions: Meeting Demand During the Busiest Time of the Year

The holidays: the most wonderful and, for our client, busiest time of the year. As an industry-leading courier company, the holiday season required a high volume of temporary packaging handlers in over 400 locations nationwide. Without a centralized managed services provider (MSP), our client lacked visibility, consistency and structure in how it engaged with multiple suppliers required to get work done during peak season.

The discrepancies resulted in delayed package deliveries and disruptions to their core business. Our client engaged Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) to serve as their MSP and address key issues, such as:

  • Fulfilling specific talent needs at 400+ sites
  • Identifying trusted suppliers based on past performance
  • Increasing real-time visibility of contingent workforce spend and performance

Taking Action: Supplier Data That Delivers

With cyclical staffing needs across a nationwide footprint, our client required a flexible operations model. We leaned into the strength of our remote delivery centers to provide additional resources during the peak season. With greater visibility into supplier performance, we identified four main suppliers based on past performance and reliability. AGS assigned suppliers to specific locations and provided them with additional support, which included:

  • Providing best practice training
  • Facilitating communications on supported locations and expected volume targets
  • Working closely together, via our hubs, to project headcount needs prior to the holidays to avoid fulfillment issues

Delivering Impact: Delivering Talent With Visibility

Our flexible delivery model enabled us to seamlessly handle our client’s high-volume hiring needs during peak demand. When it mattered most, we helped our client fill nearly 16,500 roles during the holiday season – primarily in light industrial roles, supplemented with IT, engineering and professional services.

Now seven years into our partnership, AGS continues to drive value for our client through consultation around fulfillment strategies and planning for high-volume periods. We bring data to the table to help them prepare for peak-season initiatives months ahead of time. Plus, we recommended sending a forecast for all distribution centers to suppliers, pay rate flexibility and increasing manager training participation.

When the client’s needs are fulfilled, its customers’ needs are, too. It’s a win-win. What could be better than that during the holiday season and beyond?