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Services Procurement and the Flexible Workforce: Keys to Unlocking Strategic Value

Procurement leaders play a unique role in managing the complex array of resources that comprise today’s workforce. The enterprise continues to look to procurement for solutions to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and ensure the timeliness and outcomes brought by the people and services they manage.

At the same time, continuous improvement in efficiency, quality, innovation, and impact are also primary expectations of the business — and therein lies the challenge.

By understanding three critical areas of challenge and applying practices for addressing them, organizations can unlock the potential for increased visibility, cost control, and impact needed to move the business forward. Download the whitepaper to learn how to address the three critical areas of challenge:

  • Gain Support to Bring Services into the Procurement Fold
  • Cultivate Smarter Data and Pinpoint Opportunities for Value
  • Secure Partners and Allies to Share the Journey

This report, based on perspectives shared by procurement and workforce strategy experts at a recent Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) event, explores various paths that can help expand the strategic value of labor services spend that remains outside of today’s enterprise management view.

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