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Workforce Trends Report – 14 Emerging Talent Markets to Watch

Due to the political and economic instability that remains prevalent throughout the globe, organizations are in search of alternate markets to set up manufacturing facilities and services centers. 

What is an “emerging market”? An economy that experiences considerable economic growth and has some, if not all, the following characteristics:

  • Faster growth than developed markets with a high potential for sales growth
  • Less saturation than developed countries with room for new entrants
  • A large population of young people
  • Skilled and non-skilled labor that are relatively inexpensive

In this report, we review more than a dozen emerging markets across Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, including:

  • Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
  • Europe: Poland, Romania, Slovakia
  • The Middle East and Africa: Botswana, Egypt, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates
  • Asia: India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Through our research we have identified the benefits that each of these markets presents, as well as the risks. We also provide details on each country’s population, resources, infrastructure, cost for talent and government incentives.

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