Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Talent is a top issue facing companies worldwide. From remote work and fluctuating skills needs to the continuous evolution of business strategy to remain competitive – organizations are confronting unprecedented uplift in demand and scarcity of talent to address it. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the partial or full outsourcing of a company’s recruitment function.

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Get Ahead of Today’s Changing Workforce Demands with RPO Solutions

Organizations crave fluidity and agility – the ability to pivot to changes in resources and demand over time without risking slow delivery or quality impact – that traditional talent acquisition models can’t deliver.

Take control of your talent acquisition strategy with Allegis Global Solutions (AGS). Our holistic approach to recruitment process outsourcing considers the entire talent supply, regardless of work style or channel, to identify the ideal path to the right skills and capabilities. Our global workforce experts help your organization address the differences in hiring needs and recruiting channels for each skill, role and location. Further, we partner with you to tie talent investment to strategic enterprise goals, from improving data and visibility into the workforce to achieving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals.

Tap into an RPO Technology Stack

Continuous investment in innovation, AI and machine learning helps us to disrupt the status quo, initiate sustainable change and evolve our service offerings ahead of the industry. Our suite of RPO services employ a proactive, proprietary technology innovation pipeline where we research, develop and test technology, so it is fit for purpose to be used in our client portfolio.

Scale Globally with Confidence

Future-proof your talent acquisition programs and better weather sudden market changes with a workforce solutions partner that can drive efficiency and deliver consistently in multiple regions. Our Global Business Services group centralizes customer enablement, technology, analytics and business and customer transformation, and unifies a recruitment delivery center network that provides clients with global, technology-enabled solutions sharpened by a local focus.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Anticipate what’s next with cutting-edge market insights that turn data into knowledge. AGS’ business analytics platform, Acumen, offers valuable insight into talent market supply and demand, compensation rates, and more, providing our recruiting teams with the latest in labor market intelligence so they can provide targeted guidance and support.

Hire Better, Faster with RPO

Intelligent workforce platform QuantumWork helps you plan for anticipated-demand hiring. With evidence-based scoring to stack-rank candidates against competencies, mitigate unconscious bias and reduce time-to-fill through an always-on hiring approach that smooths hiring’s natural peaks and troughs, QuantumWork accelerates the outsourcing hiring process.

Enhance Candidate Engagement

Candidate care is foundational to a strong employer brand, which is why open communication is one of our core values. Consistent communication is key to successfully maintaining a high-quality candidate pipeline, and our best-in-class recruiting processes and channel branding enable our recruiting team to provide all candidates with a positive experience, whether or not they advance in the process.

Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re committed to creating workplaces where every individual is valued for their distinct skills, experiences and perspectives. From the onset, we work to understand your current- and future-state hiring objectives. We then develop a specific DEI strategic roadmap that employs a myriad of recruiting best practices, such as writing enhancement software to combat unconscious bias; robust, on-demand reporting on diverse candidate and interview slates to measure progress against goals; and ongoing training and education through strategic partnerships.

Leading the World of Work

AGS is industry-recognized as a top RPO provider. We were recently named a Leader on the 2022 Global RPO PEAK Matrix® Assessment by Everest Group for the seventh consecutive year.

“Allegis Global Solutions continues to support clients through its global delivery network and its robust QuantumWork technology stack. Its extensive experience in catering to clients across industries, and focused investments in technology and analytics capabilities, have helped it position as a Leader in Everest Group’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 - Global.”

Aniruddha Kulkarni, Practice Director, Everest Group

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions

RPO Enterprise

End-to-end talent acquisition services to transform the hiring manager and candidate experience

GREAT Talent

A modern approach to RPO designed to expand and optimize channels, visibility, control and value, leveraging AI and technology to enhance the candidate and applicant experience


Flexible services to address hiring spikes or boost existing recruitment through AI-enabled pipeline automation technology

Recruitment Process Administration

Services designed to support interview scheduling, background verifications and requisition administration tasks enhanced by process automation, ensuring data quality and enhanced UX

Recruitment Marketing

A global team of experts, AGS Ignite is a market-leading consulting practice leveraging the latest in technology, design and UX to accelerate talent acquisition

RPO, Reimagined

AGS is redefining traditional RPO models with our GREAT Talent approach, which harnesses technology, process and creativity to attract and hire the workforce with the skills you need.

GREAT Talent replaces the linear approach of hire, capture, apply and keep warm with a rigorous framework that promotes competency-based profiling and evidence-based scoring to support DEI goals, attract people continually and dramatically impact quality and time to hire.

How? The GREAT Talent RPO model cuts through internal red tape by owning the applicant cycle so you can leverage the latest in technological innovation that’s been pre-vetted by our team of experts and can be turned on Day One to support data-driven decisions and provide actionable insights. By redefining system ownership, AGS is empowered to quickly introduce new innovative technology and best practices.

Hire From Anywhere

With greater flexibility, connectivity and inclusion, Pearson is securing top talent and shaping the new world of work through hybrid and hire-from-anywhere models. The forward-thinking organization embraced flexible and remote work options pre-pandemic and are now rethinking what roles truly require on-site presence to broaden their pools of talent without the limitations of geography.
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Robust Recruiting Network to Deliver through Any Means


Intelligent workforce platform QuantumWork aggregates all talent intelligence and analytics into a single, simple platform designed to augment and maximize the value of CRM, ATS and VMS systems, providing powerful access and matching of all forms of talent, all in one place.

Getting Hired

An Allegis Group company, Getting Hired offers a professional network of full-time and contract labor that provides both seekers and employers with an industry-leading marketplace of diversity-related products and services.

Talent Tech Labs

Talent Tech Labs (TTL) is an industry-leading research and advisory firm focused entirely on analyzing technological developments in the field of talent technology. Our partnership with them informs our best practices and influences how we help companies understand the technology market and identify the right tools to solve their unique business challenges.


On the leading edge of HR technology, HiringSolved automates the most time-consuming parts of the recruiting process while simplifying the hiring journey.

Allegis Group

AGS is part of Allegis Group, one of the world’s largest privately owned recruiting, staffing, and human capital management services organization, giving our clients unparalleled access to talent through mutually supportive subsidiaries with a specific focus, expertise, and market segmentation that can be tapped into for ultimate flexibility and scalability.

Accelerating Hiring in Higher Education

Fluctuating staffing needs, process-heavy search committees and consensus-building efforts can weigh down the hiring process in higher education. Pressure to fill positions quickly while advancing DEI priorities can feel at odds when it comes to having staff in place when semesters begin. Yet, in the face of these demands for hiring speed and quality, a global public university successfully reduced hiring costs by 30% and raised retention to 93% through their long-term RPO partnership with AGS. .

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