The shifting landscape of regulation, innovation, workforce supply and patient needs is a daunting challenge across the healthcare industry. Health systems, health plans and benefit administrators, insurance providers and ambulatory services all depend on access to qualified talent while working under significant cost pressures. Strengthen your ability to deliver the best patient experiences and clinical outcomes possible with strategic workforce management.

Strengthen Your Workforce Resilience

Healthcare organizations must balance the pressures to improve quality of care while also reducing costs amid an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Navigate that complexity with confidence by partnering with a workforce solutions provider that designs flexible healthcare workforce solutions that configure to meet the needs of your organization.

Data-driven and accelerated through technology, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) delivers on the visibility and scalability you need to respond effectively to patients, clinicians and communities. Our successful history of clinical hiring for the healthcare industry gives us a deep understanding of what it takes to place quality talent in patient-facing roles. Plus, AGS can design a workforce solution that addresses the day-to-day needs of delivering quality care while optimizing your operations for greater long-term stability and growth.
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Leading the World of Work

As an expert in workforce management and services procurement, AGS provides market-leading solutions, recognized on Everest Group’s 2020 PEAK Matrix Assessments as best-in-class -- Services Procurement: Leader & Star Performer (three years running), Contingent Workforce Management: Leader (six years running) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Leader (five years running).


Identify the Right Solution for Your Healthcare Workforce

A well-managed solution has a number of benefits: you’ll get visibility into your entire contingent workforce while getting steady access to great talent, reducing risk and controlling costs. Uncover the power of your workforce by designing a workforce solution that works for your business. In this article, we outline 10 questions that will help you identify your best-fit healthcare workforce solution.

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Lead with a Smarter Workforce Strategy

  • Broaden access to talent.Increased demand and a growing skills gap result in tight competition for high-quality clinicians and skilled healthcare professionals. Gain access to quality candidates through cultivated talent pools, our supplier management program, informed sourcing strategies and recruitment process outsourcing that reach skilled professionals through all available channels.
  • Boost control over workforce costs.As your managed service provider (MSP), you’ll receive annual rate-card consultations from experienced market analysts to ensure you continue to attract top talent at a competitive rate. Plus, we can employ targeted cost-savings initiatives, like monitoring overtime policies, as well as leverage automation through expert vendor management (VMS) technology configuration for additional efficiencies.
  • Gain visibility into your full extended workforce.Actionable data can help align strategic workforce decisions with your organizations’ evolving needs. Acumen, AGS’ self-service workforce intelligence offering, empowers hiring leaders with on-demand, comparative analytics and benchmarks by industry, size and geography. You can also deepen your visibility through contractor and statement of work (SOW) management to see your organization’s total non-employee spend.
  • Stay ahead of risk.Faced with a demanding regulatory landscape, our healthcare clients can feel confident in our deep industry experience -- implementing over 100 programs across healthcare sectors – giving us a consistent, streamlined approach and repeatable best practices.
  • Streamline through a single program.In the past, hiring managers may have independently leveraged different talent suppliers for their contingent workers. An MSP program replaces that siloed approach with a unified strategy across locations, departments and divisions. Organizations achieve consistency in price, performance and risk mitigation, drawing talent from a pool that spans a broad supplier network.
  • Meet today’s demands as well as tomorrow’s possibilities.Technology, innovation and unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic can dramatically impact your healthcare workforce. Our workforce consultants can help advise and design workforce solutions to meet your needs today as well as provide a strategic roadmap agile enough to meet the demands of the future.

Flexible Healthcare Workforce Solutions

One of the core principles of my three-year strategy is be agile. … knowing that I have [AGS] on hand to flex with the constant volatility that we’re dealing with in our industry in terms of staffing needs. [AGS] is able to bring the experts into the space very quickly and scale up with us as well as put resources on their other accounts should we ever need to pare back the team at any time. I can really rest easy knowing that they give me a lot of added flexibility.”

Hear more about our partnership from Fresenius Medical Care Vice President of Acquisition Greg Pardo.


Get A Healthcare Talent Advantage

Advances in technology, innovations in care management and financial constraints present significant challenges in the healthcare sector. The good news? With the right approach, you can build a robust workforce strategy with the agility you need to withstand changing conditions in the future.

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