Allegis Global Solutions Unveils New Content Brand, Launches Publishing Initiatives

TalentSpark to provide editorial coverage, industry news, and expert analysis focused on the world of work, recruiting, and careers

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), one of the world’s leading providers of recruitment and workforce solutions, has launched TalentSpark, a global thought leadership and content brand dedicated to providing breaking recruitment industry news, views, analysis, and opinions from around the world of work.

In addition to the newly launched TalentSpark blog, which represents a dramatic rebranding and repositioning of AGS’ previous content efforts, the TalentSpark initiative will also include a recurring podcast featuring subject matter experts from across AGS and the recruitment industry, including talent leaders, industry analysts, influencers, pundits, and practitioners.

The efforts follow on the heels of the highly successful début of the TalentSpark conference, held in New York City in September 2017. The two-day conference, which brought together AGS executives and talent leaders from some of the company’s biggest clients and most significant stakeholders, featured meaningful conversations and in-depth content on what’s new and what’s next at the intersection of hiring and technology.

“The changing role of recruitment and the impact of technology on the world of work, particularly job search and hiring, will remain the central focus and recurring theme of TalentSpark content and coverage,” said Head of Global Marketing for AGS, Craig Fisher.

“In order to be more effective and efficient, recruiting professionals need to understand how our industry is changing. The goal of TalentSpark is to provide anyone involved in the business of hiring with a well-rounded, well-researched, and in-depth point of view that will shape not only how they think about recruitment, but also, their approach to their jobs,” said Fisher.

From technology advancements to shifts in government policy, the emerging trends, technology, and tools shaping the global recruiting industry are evolving faster than ever before. TalentSpark will provide a boots-on-the-ground perspective on the issues that matter most to recruitment from real recruiters in real time, as well as insights from some of the hiring leaders and executives helping shape the future of work.

In addition to unifying its thought leadership content, editorial coverage, and research under the TalentSpark imprint, AGS plans on extending the brand with an event series; two TalentSpark events are scheduled for 2018, with the possibility of more dates added, based on early demand.

Through TalentSpark, AGS will provide insights aligned with the following content categories: 

  • Industry News
  • The World of Work
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Talent Tools and Technology

“Let’s face it: content about recruiting is really, really boring,” said AGS Chief Content Officer, Matt Charney. “But we don’t think it has to be – there’s nothing more interesting than knowing what it takes to match the right jobs with the right people. Do it right, and you’re building both better companies and better lives, which is pretty cool. TalentSpark will share real stories from real people in the real world of work and provide the information and insights both job seekers and employers need to make sure that the world of work works best for them today – and tomorrow.”

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