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When the way companies get work done is the new competitive differentiator, today’s leaders need to move beyond simply filling seats. Equip your organization to unleash higher-order thinking, and you’ll reduce inefficiencies, eliminate excess costs and ensure results that last.

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Replace Outdated Approaches with Modern Solutions

Achieving the level of transformation needed to meet disruption and change head-on takes commitment and courage. It requires new ways of thinking.

Don’t go it alone.

At AGS, we’re passionate about designing enterprising workforces. We’ve successfully implemented hundreds of contingent and permanent worker programs and optimized over 120 vendor management system (VMS) instances. And our dedicated workforce and technology consultants are ready to go to work for you with a vision and decades of expertise to transform dreams into reality.

Rethink Your Workforce Strategy

Want to address the total cost of your workforce and achieve better visibility? On a mission to apply new innovations in AI and automation but don’t know where to start? Struggling to achieve program adoption or execute on diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives?

Bridging the gap from dated methods slowing you down to an improved, agile, productive engine takes a uniquely human approach. Our specialized team of workforce practice and technology advisors connects you to new ideas to surface real outcomes that reveal lasting value.

Convince the C-Suite

Develop a compelling business case for innovation investment with a clear alignment to strategy, budgets, timelines, benchmarking, compliance enablement and ROI.

Craft A Better Experience

Transform how you acquire and engage all forms of talent with intuitive, frictionless, digitally enabled systems that candidates and employees expect.

Customize Your Approach

Apply best practices to achieve key business objectives with the customization needed to fit your scope, scale and culture.

Coach Your Team Through Change

Ensure end-to-end adoption of technology and best practices – made effective because people have the tools, skills and commitment to use them.

Workforce Advisory and Transformation Services

Whether you need a forward-looking approach to talent acquisition, contingent workforce management, total workforce management or technology transformation, leverage our deep experience as workforce experts for top companies worldwide. AGS’ consulting capabilities address these critical demands:

Program Review & Design

  • Review contingent worker programs, including people, processes and technology
  • Improve the user experience and redesign and recommend optimal future state, including global expansions

Rate Card Rationalization & Worker Classification

  • Assess benchmark rates and accurately map rate cards to talent supply
  • Review and recommend optimized worker classification

Business Case Development

  • Frame existing problems and demonstrate the case for transformation
  • Present benefits to be realized, financial projections and a roadmap to transformation, including project scope and timelines

Optimize Business Intelligence

  • Review business reporting needs
  • Map data flows and design best practice dashboards

VMS Review, Selection & Implementation

  • Improve VMS effectiveness
  • Support VMS selection decisions, including scorecard design
  • Oversee project setup, system design and build
  • Run test environments, technical testing, VMS deployment and the transition to business-as-usual

Services Procurement

  • Uncover SOW usage gaps and misclassified spend through AI
  • Make spend management recommendations focused on attainable savings

Integrations & Configuration

  • Optimize integration, set standards with process mapping and design digital transformations
  • Populate data into downstream systems and map a VMS seamlessly to an existing architecture

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategies

  • Consult, design and implement solutions to meet DEI goals
  • Engage and retain a diverse workforce to improve brand credibility and ensure program support across people, processes and technology

Supplier Optimization

  • Analyze supplier performance and rationalize as required
  • Audit for diversity, equity and inclusion best practices

Universal Workforce Model Management

  • Harmonize skills and talent acquisition across all workforce categories
  • Guide organizations to create a sound business case for change and design future-state workforce strategies