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The Business Analytics Team:

Seeks to turn data into information and knowledge for our internal partners and clients in order to enable them to make informed business decisions that lead to measurable results.

It is our goal to be considered a trusted advisor and strategic partner to our customers.

Pillars for Success:

  • Single Data Strategy
  • Data Powers Business Decisions
  • Automated Solutions
  • Direct to Client


  • Data warehousing from numerous sources.
  • Establishing data integrity and compliance.
  • Building efficiencies through data modeling.
  • Establishing effective visualizations with data.


  • Understanding client goals and challenges.
  • Providing reporting and analytics for client decision making.
  • Building analysis portfolios per client in support of business goals.


  • Analyzing the drivers and trends effecting current performance.
  • Industry comparisons to best in class programs.
  • Providing recommendations and expected impact to the client.