Global First Generation

In 2013, our global retail customer was seeking a managed services provider (MSP) to run their contingent workforce program, specifically for IT, clerical, and other professional skill-sets. With limited visibility and no control of their rates, and after 18 months of attempting to launch an inhouse program, our customer called upon Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), their current recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider, to intervene. Additionally, our client was having issues aligning their project portfolio management (PPM) tool with the vendor management system (VMS) regarding hours worked by contractors and needed guidance from an experienced provider.

Since implementation, AGS has worked to successfully manage our client’s 51 suppliers and 650 active contractors. Within the first year, we were able to provide increased program visibility, invoice automation, reporting and tracking, and various costsavings methods via bill rate management, tenure increases, and rebates. Additionally, AGS was able to work with the integration teams for our customer’s PPM and VMS tools, and their architects, to better understand workstreams and various technical components, as well as provide necessary training for managers.

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