Powering a New Path Forward

Transitioning an Energy Provider’s MSP to Ignite Next-Level Results Without Skipping a Beat

Impact at a Glance


weeks to complete implementation – up to five weeks quicker than goal


client satisfaction rating


timesheet issues resolved post-transition to AGS

Meeting Missions: Reigniting a Legacy MSP

A prominent energy and utilities company, our client has built a reputation for efficiency, trustworthy performance and high-powered customer service. And they expect the same from their managed service provider (MSP).

So when their incumbent MSP wasn’t delivering results, the client knew it was time for a change. With a goal to enhance the performance of their contingent workforce management program, they engaged Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) to not only resolve spillover issues from the incumbent but take their program to the next level.

Their ask was direct – make the MSP transition as minimally disruptive as possible so that their business initiatives and current program users wouldn’t skip a beat while also taking on the simultaneous goals of fixing inherited issues and advancing the program forward.

Taking Action: Energizing End-User Experience and Adoption

Getting things back on track was of utmost importance to our client, so AGS assembled a tenured program office team to support our client through the transition of their managed service program to AGS. The first priority was to get their vendor management system (VMS) working at optimal capacity and then train their team on the platform as swiftly and thoroughly as possible. We identified, corrected and implemented multiple processes and business rules that were not fully executed in the original deployment of the VMS.

Although our client was focused on moving forward, we had a fair amount of work to bring the system up to best practices. For example, we designed a process to track and resolve their timesheet issues, which resulted in correcting over 300 time and expense issues on day one alone. We became subject matter experts in navigating technology integrations to improve functionality and make further recommendations for process improvements.

To set the path forward with suppliers, we instituted new service-level expectations, explained the new MSP program and updated vetting processes. We facilitated supplier training calls on program compliance, performance measurement and how to be successful in the program, and met with active suppliers to address supply chain concerns and reduce risk for our client.

Delivering Impact: Poised for High-Powered Program Performance

Our team impressed our client and supplier partners by providing VMS support and answering questions about requisitions in progress throughout the MSP transition. A post-go-live supplier survey revealed that 95% of participating suppliers rated AGS average or above compared to industry standards.

Through our holistic approach, we met and exceeded our client’s needs by launching the program in just 11 weeks – exceeding the estimated 12-16 week timeframe – and completed over 2,400 timesheet revisions. From our work with the client’s supplier partners around compliance, we also helped significantly increase speed in delivering quality candidates.

Most importantly, through unmatched standards of transparency, high-level communication, quick response rate, program knowledge and customer service, we inspired trust and confidence from our client and supplier partners. And now, with a stronger foundation in place with AGS as their MSP partner, our client is poised to evolve and advance their contingent workforce strategy for greater impact in the future.