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Talent Acquisition Trends Within Manufacturing: Why More Organizations are Choosing a Centralized Recruitment Model

Today’s job seekers are more educated and informed than ever before; no longer content to just apply to any job, they increasingly want to work for an employer that shares their values and can offer them the opportunity to continually learn and grow. Candidates want to learn more than the tactical information about the job, like compensation and basic responsibilities. Instead, they demand to know more about the experience of working for the company, its culture, potential career paths, and what the employer will do to support their ongoing learning and development.

Much like consumers who can consult any number of product review sites to guide their purchasing decisions, job seekers now leverage Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other sources to learn more about a company than what appears on the job description. The result is a new type of talent – the ‘TalentSumer’, or candidates who choose their employer similar to how consumers select which product to buy, be loyal to, and be ambassadors for.

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