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Workforce Consulting to Guide Your Transformation Journey

To meet disruption and competition head-on, you must be able to reshape your workforce capabilities quickly. Achieving the level of transformation to stay ahead is not easy. It involves the commitment of people, the application of new innovations, and the guidance of workforce experts with experience in today’s leading practices and technology.

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Rethink Your Workforce Strategy

Whether you need a forward-looking approach to talent acquisition, contingent workforce management or total workforce management, we leverage the power of our deep experience as workforce experts for top companies around the world.

Understand your challenges and how to address them. Make the case for change. Apply the latest in digital innovation and AI to deliver the impact you need. Our advisory services address these critical demands to help you achieve a dramatic improvement in the agility, productivity and engagement of the people and resources that drive your success.

Convince the C-Suite

Leadership buy-in is key to long-term success. We help you develop a compelling business case for innovation investment with a clear alignment to strategy, budgets, timelines, benchmarking, compliance enablement and ROI.

Customize Your Approach

No two organizations are identical in scale, scope or culture. We analyze your current processes and technologies, then demonstrate how to incorporate best practices to achieve your key business objectives.

Craft A Better Experience

With technology prevalent in our daily lives, candidates and employees expect intuitive systems. Our team focuses on the design of frictionless, digitally enabled experiences that transform how companies acquire and engage talent across all workforce categories.

Coach Your Team Through Change

The right technology and best practices aren’t effective unless people have the tools, skills and commitment to using them. From change management to training, we support your team through the full transformation process to optimize adoption.

Future-Proof your Workforce Strategy

To get ahead in securing the right skills, organizations need to make sure they’re changing in ways that future-proof their recruiting functions. To weather whatever an unpredictable tomorrow brings, they must be able to do more with less, do it better, and deliver outcomes that count. Technology will have to be part of the equation.
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Advisory Services

Workforce Strategy, Customer Experience and Service Design

A solid talent acquisition and contingent workforce management strategy requires the full alignment of people, process and technology. From customer experience (CX) analysis and journey mapping to delivery design, we build detailed roadmaps that identify opportunities and potential barriers to service and technology adoption to achieve the desired goals.

Talent Acquisition and Vendor Management System Implementation Services

Teams of subject matter experts in technology, data, training and change management support you through all facets of new technology strategy, from assessment and planning to integration and execution. Areas of focus include project management, system design, technology adoption and integration, change readiness, and training.

Employer Brand and Reputation Management

Reimagine, activate or create your employer brand from the ground up. Powered by our in-house Digital Studios digital agency, our suite of services includes content, visual design, campaign development, digital strategy, customer experience and web design.

Talent Technology and Data Strategy

Set yourself up for success for today, tomorrow and the next day. We help you refine your current digital capabilities and data workflows, culminating in a clearly aligned strategy to guide your digital transformation.

Free Report: The New Meaning of Talent

You’re not alone; 94 percent of HR decision-makers experience challenges in keeping up with the latest talent technology trends and developments. In this report, we provide survey data from 1,000 HR decision-makers about their current and future use of select talent technologies, plus perspectives on how to drive successful implementations.

New Meaning of Talent