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Allegis Global Solutions Expands Employee Mobility Offering in Partnership With Adepto

Hands Cupping Soil with a Small Plant Protruding Out of  The Soil - For Adepto Partnership Expands Employee Mobility Offering.

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) has announced a go-to-market partnership with Adepto, an international market leader in Total Talent technology. As a part of AGS’ strategy to provide universal access to all forms of talent, Adepto’s technology will enable AGS’ clients to engage with internal talent, hidden resources and skills already in the company to develop more agile workforces.

The new partnership furthers Adepto’s global capabilities to support AGS clients - in more than 60 countries. This will build on previous Adepto growth across Europe and Australia, as they plan to enter the North America market in early 2019.

Organizational leaders face growing workforce complexities: The increased fluidity of the workforce — coupled with regulatory change and generational attitudes — means more flexible approaches are needed.

Adepto’s platform provides organizations with a real-time view of all the skills available — building a private network of internal talent. The technology will increase AGS’ internal resourcing capabilities, help clients locate the best talent available to them, and give full visibility over skills and experience in-house. As a result, AGS clients will see increased efficiency and cost savings, and better, more agile resourcing.

“We are excited to begin working with Adepto to provide an enhanced digital experience for AGS’ clients. The partnership will enable AGS to illuminate the process around talent management, resulting in better matching of people to work and a holistic overview of all skills available to a client. Adepto’s technology directly addresses the many challenges that organizations face with the changing workforce and disparate HR technology.” - Tracey Klein, Executive Director of Global Partner Alliance at AGS

“Our partnership with AGS comes at an important time as we continue to focus on supporting global customers and ensure their success. Looking to 2019 we will focus on broadening our offering and through this partnership, we can help AGS’ global clients to effectively tap into all the talent already working for them - meaning better-engaged workers and more productive work.

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Craig Fisher, Head of Global Marketing
Phone: 214.394.0909

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