Workforce Strategy and Optimization

Improving operations from the ground up

We believe operational readiness is the greatest competitive advantage for today’s employers. By providing the framework, processes and methodology to bring your goals and outcomes into alignment, we can transform your business. It all begins with transparency. We first undertake a comprehensive review of your full-time, contingent and SOW labor to uncover inefficiencies. Our business analysts compare the results of this assessment to best practices and industry benchmarks, delivering a formal report on findings and recommendations. From there, we design a fully customized workforce management strategy that includes the following:

  • Assessment and recommended improvements in processes and methodology
  • Identified areas for cost savings in existing programs and processes
  • Education in the application of our recommended solutions
  • Tools and support for ongoing monitoring and control

By putting an effective workforce strategy into place, we eliminate the need for crisis management, provide real-time visibility into performance and give you confidence that all money spent was focused on delivering specific outcomes.

How to increase candidate engagement rates in your sourcing strategy

How to increase candidate engagement rates in your sourcing strategy

The connected world we live in means that tracking down suitable candidates is easier than ever before. LinkedIn and various other talent 'watering holes' spread across the internet are a recruiter’s dream that make finding potential employees a breeze.

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Workforce Strategy Consulting

For procurement and human resources organizations, workforce optimization has become a critical topic in the context of talent management. Our industry-experienced consultants recognize your organization's need to adapt your workforce management strategy to address growth and change. Ultimately, we want to assist you in streamlining the workforce management process while mitigating potential risks. We can apply workforce optimization to the following areas:

  • Current State Program Analysis

  • Business Case Development

  • Future State Program Design

  • Supplier Rationalization

  • Supplier Scorecard and Management Methodology Development

  • Program Office Assessment

  • Job Cataloging and Leveling

Thought Leadership

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