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Enabling decisions through focused insight

An overwhelming majority of services spend goes unmanaged in large companies – with some categories going completely outside of Procurement’s purview. The causes may be many, but can largely be attributed to:

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  • A lack of resources to effectively understand business requirements and manage the process
  • The complexity of the engagements themselves
  • Technologies that aren’t built for services spend management
  • Bureaucratic procurement processes and/or methodologies that are not necessarily fit for purpose
  • Misalignment of business objectives between Procurement (focused on savings) and the business (focused on ROI, speed and quality)

As a trusted advisor with a breadth of experience to draw upon, we enable procurement leaders to deliver value by taking control of this spend portfolio through:


Enabling more efficient processes to free up internal procurement resources to pursue more strategic initiatives and build relationships with internal stakeholders, as well as suppliers.


Delivering multi-layered and meaningful insights into what is being bought, from whom, for how much and in what timeframe and to help determine whether there are better – not necessarily just cheaper - options available across all of those parameters.


Introducing innovative ways to engage business stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that business can get done in a compliant, cost-confident way while moving at the speed of the business’ requirements.

Our goal is simple – to change the procurement process for the acquisition of services. By harnessing the power of AI, we quickly and accurately bring structure to the myriad of data that exists within contracts and SOWs and bring a stronger lens to spend reporting and analytics. Our solutions deliver revolutionary insight and visibility that enables data-driven buying decisions, increased efficiency and a better user-experience that increases engagement and delivers results.

Services Procurement and the Flexible Workforce

Procurement leaders play a unique role in managing the complex array of resources that comprise today’s workforce. The enterprise continues to look to procurement for solutions to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and ensure the timeliness and outcomes brought by the people and services they manage.

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Professional services delivering identification of opportunities for better services spend management –as a stand-alone service and as a means to program enablement, delivered by our expert procurement consultants.

Spend Insights

Provides deep insight and visibility into transaction level services spend to better understand value for money, quality and use of suppliers and capability.

Sourcing Insights

Provides you with expert advice and insight by layering on efficient sourcing process approaches, increasing capacity and enabling better buying decisions to deliver increased value and cost savings.

  • Gain greater control over your services spend category and insight into what you’re buying
  • Enable delivery of value to your company – whether that’s measured via savings, compliance, risk mitigation, quality or efficiency
  • Increase internal procurement capacity to focus on strategic initiatives and opportunities
  • Deliver savings as a by-product of better spend management, along with informing better buying decisions
  • Assess the capabilities and quality of the best suppliers
  • Enable informed supplier performance reporting at a delivery level
  • Increase value as a strategic business partner

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