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Building your best supplier community, link by link

Your contingent workforce management solution is only as good as your supply chain. A weak link can result in loss of productivity, unnecessary expenditures, an impaired workplace culture—even negative employer brand exposure.

As your MSP solutions provider, we have access to top-performing staffing suppliers who can contribute to a best-in-class supply chain. We activate the RFP process quickly and effectively with RFP templates, a response evaluation scorecard and an effective judging and ranking process. This ensures a streamlined, fair and consistent selection, with the right mix of large national firms, local and niche providers and diversity firms taking part in the process. We can even include rate bids and rate card analysis as well as a vetting package that takes care of documentation, contracts, sign-offs and statements of work (SOW)

How to be the perfect MSP Client

How to be the perfect MSP Client

For this white paper, a study was performed where two client populations were analyzed on a series of factors and data that were considered to be 'best-in-class' differentiators to client success. The results determined which factors impacted the program's ROI and what actually creates an MSP program that achieves or exceeds the clients' organizational goals.

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To make sure the selected suppliers maintain the highest levels of service and quality, we establish baseline benchmarks for a wide variety of metrics, including fill rates, turnaround times, number of candidates presented for each position and more. 

We work with you to establish required service levels for your entire community of suppliers—tracking, monitoring and troubleshooting their performance over time. When your suppliers are aware of and held accountable for service levels, you get better candidates faster and at more competitive rates. And, because accountability starts at home, we provide you with performance guarantees and service-level-agreement terms to make sure we continue to effectively represent you and your culture, deliver on our promise and set the standard for MSP excellence in the marketplace.

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