Acumen Business Analytics Platform

Successfully leveraging workforce data helps companies measure success, identify opportunities and make more strategic contingent labor decisions.

Maximize Your Workforce Potential

Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) compiled one of the largest databases of contingent workforce data in the industry into one powerful, proprietary business analytics platform to redesign the way organizations interpret and utilize data: Acumen®.

A powerful analytics platform, Acumen measures contingent workforce program success and identifies opportunities to maximize the potential of the non-employee workforce. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Acumen addresses many of these challenges and offers value to clients, allowing them to efficiently monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and various key performance indicators (KPIs).

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Built with dimensionality, Acumen enables users to make better, more informed decisions through trend visibility, analysis and dynamic benchmarking. Empowered users can view and filter data by industry, account size, labor category and geographic region to make strategic decisions that mitigate risk, produce more accurate financial reporting and identify cost savings and expansion opportunities. 

Measure Program and Supplier Performance

Performance analytics allows clients to compare their managed service provider (MSP) program by industry, geographic region, labor category and program size and measure supplier performance against external data sources to optimize their supply chain and position top-performing suppliers to deliver effectively.

Move Quickly with Real-Time Data

Real-time data enables you to make real-time decisions. Updated daily from the vendor management system (VMS), Acumen’s dashboards enable analysts, clients and suppliers to make better decisions and rapidly answer difficult questions. 

Secure Data Storage and Management

Enhanced data security and management offers peace of mind and meets privacy and security compliance audit requirements. Only authorized personnel have access to data, while secure databases are proactively monitored and remediated against malicious breaches.

How Does Contingent Workforce Data Improve Visibility and Decision-Making?

Companies recognize the need to raise visibility into their flexible workforce and act on data-driven strategies. But with all the fuss about workforce data, a practical question remains: What does an informed, highly impactful contingent workforce decision really look like? To shed light on the answers, we looked at decisions companies have made based on our Acumen platform.

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Transform Data Into Measurable Business Results

Daily Data Refresh

Unlike typical business analytics that are generated on monthly and quarterly cycles, Acumen’s data warehouse refreshes information daily via our deployed VMS. This provides clients and AGS operations teams with relevant, timely and robust information that ensures the most accurate reporting measurements are always available.

Acumen Portals

AGS has developed numerous dashboards to provide clients with a deeper understanding of overall program performance. These dashboards provide users access to data that is delivered in a way that’s most meaningful to each audience, with specific content for analysts, clients and suppliers.

Services Procurement Support

When partnered with Brightfield TDX, clients gain stronger visibility and control into internal statement of work (SOW) contracts and spend data, benchmarking capabilities and risk reduction. Our Procurement Solutions team brings data and industry expertise, while Brightfield supplements our subject matter experts with technology to leverage natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

Turn Knowing Into Doing With Allegis Global Solutions + Brightfield

When it comes to your extended workforce strategy, details matter: the right rate, the right supplier, the right resource. Whether contractor, freelancer, or consultant, all make a difference driving real business impact.

What if the details worked to your advantage? Thanks to the AGS and Brightfield partnership, they do.

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Turning Workforce Visibility into a Competitive Advantage

How do you use the full power of your workforce data to achieve business outcomes? AGS helps clients answer that question every day. Read about real-world examples of informed strategies that helped clients capture more candidates, expand supplier relationships and boost inclusion and diversity while avoiding costly rate decisions and reducing compliance risks.