VOP Transition

Service-related challenges of the incumbent suppliers at the Spokane facilities required Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) to execute a request for proposal (RFP) to replace our customer’s existing vendor on premise (VOP) supplier. The existing VOP supplier and the facility were not originally part of our managed service provider (MSP) program. In addition, the awarded supplier was not only new to the program but was a supplier who never worked with an MSP model before. The newly awarded supplier would need to learn the MSP model while remaining fully functional in the technology to fill active job requisitions.

Additionally, AGS was required to transition the existing workers from the former VOP to the new VOP supplier. This transition needed to occur without disruption in service to the customer while retaining all workers. The workers needed to maintain the same pay and benefits and the transition needed to take place within four weeks of the RFP award in the incumbent VOP reluctant to provide data.

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